Sunday, May 8, 2016


Hi again,

Since my last post which was just 8 weekends ago I have raced 3 more times including 3 out of the last 4 weekends. A Sprint Triathlon, an Olympic distance Triathlon, and a Duathlon.  I came in 4th, 7th, and 5th in those 3 events overall. I am consistently average. I am not "fit" right now to Win races BUT that is coming. 

In the 2 Triathlons I had a 2nd fastest swim and 1st fastest swim and 4th fastest run in both. Now if my bike was top 5, I would be winning these races. However, my bike legs are failing me (temporarily). Then, in the Duathlon, I had the 2nd fastest 5k, horrible bike, and 4th fastest 3k after. So I am close. Very close. 

Now, I start a new job tomorrow that I am so very happy about, and thankful. I cant wait to start this new journey. My training will change only in the fact that I will be more structured. My other job created a little too much stress as well so that will be nice to not have to bring that home with me to my ever-so supporting wife who just is amazing. She goes to every race. She listens to me when I need to vent. She tells me to get my butt out the door to get a work out in. She does all this while working many hours as a realtor and taking care of our 2 children and the 3rd is 9 weeks away! Pretty impressive.

Anywho, I am ready. I am pumped. I am blessed. We all are blessed. This new chapter awaits. I have 3 more races on tap before Gabriel is born. Hopefully I can get on the podium for a couple of them. In the mean time, keep grinding.

Thank you Bonk Breaker and Skechers. Seriously can not train and recovery with out my bonk breaker nutrition and Skechers shoes. 

My Buddy and I rocking the new Skechers kit in a duathlon. 4th for him, 5th for me.

My wife and I enjoying an amazing sunset

Why of course we will relax there, thanks for asking.

Pregnant and all, She is superwoman

First time having the fastest swim split in an Olympic distance triathlon (1500m swim)