Thursday, September 26, 2013


Hello my friends,

Tomorrow, to jump start your last weekend in September- here are 2 options of a workout for you to do:

1) 5x (20situps, 20pushups, 20jumpsquats, 20jumping jacks)

2) Treadmill- Run or Walk - 5min easy, 4min at an incline of 2.0, 1min easy, 3min at an incline of 3.0, 2min easy, 2min at an incline of 4.0, 3min easy, 1min at an incline of 5.0, 4min easy, .30sec at an incline of 6.0, 4.30min easy.

Pick one or the other, unless your really feeling it and want to do both..

Have fun- I would love to hear how it goes..


Thursday, September 12, 2013

London World Champs

Photos then daily blog

Where i eat breakfast everyday with my bro

My bro always making a funny face


These buses are everywhere!

The Serpentine in Hyde Park (cold)

After I just did a practice swim, i was shivering so bad

Lunch on the Serpentine


Trying to take pocs with as many teams. This is South africa



New Zealand

The Bridge

Tuesday 9/10/13


Everyone is passed out except 4 people on this plane. Those four are.... Me, a guy who is sneezing and coughing like no other, a woman who is next to a man Snoring like no other, and a kid super pumped to be flying on his own watching a movie at the time. 1.45hrs left until landfall. Cant wait to go to a coffee shop, do a swim in Hyde Park, and crash my feet for the night. Going to be one long but exciting day...


Holy Toledo! Longest day on my feet ever.. So, right now I have slept 2.5 hrs of the last 27 hrs and that total will increase until I hit the sack tonight. Our team coach told us not to take a nap or else we wont be able to sleep tomorrow. 

When I arrived in London, I hopped on a train- and walked my way 2miles through the city with 4 bags- 1 being a huge Bike Box.. Yep- pretty embarrassing. 

Also- its freezing here. Well freezing to a born and raised South Florida guy. I went for a swim around 2pm and forgot to bring my wetsuit. I guy said- man you get the toughest person award today. I then said- No, I get the Irresponsibly Idiot award. The water is 59 degrees!!!! I got a quick 500m in and jumped out shivering.

Side note- some triathletes go about their way of a "dont talk to me, im in the zone" attitude at these events, which is fine. However, for Me- not so much. I have met so many awesome foreigners that It really confirms my assumption on how great people are. 

This one British chick, Jess, my age actually had lunch with me after we met during our swim practice. I think it was because she felt obligated to be with me the next 20min to make sure I did not keel over and die due to hypothermia. 

Anyway- Tomorrow is race #1 and very excited! Also- I get to see my brother who got some Leave time from his military duties just to make it a brother bonding trip too. 

I will say this- the best bottle ever is my Filtered water bottle. On trips like this, I can drink any water form any place. Go to to check it out

Wednesday 9/11/13


A long day thats for sure. But pretty exciting. Woke up and had a great breakfast and coffee with a view of Hyde park. As I walked over to the race start, i was definitely pretty pumped. As I got there, my brother informed me that he was here and was able to meet me before the race which was cool. I of course had a mishap right before the race. After warming up, I get to my bag to put on my wetsuit and tri top to find out it was not in there. Yep- I flipped out since the water was 62 degrees. I looked everywhere and could not find it. 15min from the start I ask the lady in Transition if there was a lost and found, after searching different bags she found my belongings. 10min before the race start I get my stuff on and hurry to the line where they needed us to check in. The problem- Me not getting in my proper nutrition and fluids 30min before. That came back.

Great swim. We are talking about some awesome athletes and for 1000m so many of us were in a pack. Very exciting and very scary getting hit and punched and kicked. Anyway- it went well and had a good transition. I was ready to run. But not my left leg. The calf immediately locked up (I have issues with this calf for the longest time!) and I stopped and stretched. Walked, then stretched and had a split decision- either walk the race, get out as 12 competitors did in 30 and under, or do what I ended up doing. I sprinted for 100m and scary enough, The cramp allowed me to run still lingered but I was able to run and get a good pace going. Anyway- 3rd for USA for the 25-29 Age group out fo the 7 that made it out there. with out the cramp, 2nd was definitely doable, not 1st though :(

Thursday 9/12/13


I was too tired last night to finish so here I am in bed doing just that. 
So after the race, my brother and I just did brother stuff really. We then walked to the Opening Ceremonies which was a 3mi walk from our hotel rather than take the bus. This was a great idea because we were able to experience the London Culture on this walk. Oxford St at night reminds me much of New York City. Packed 24/7 and they had all different strips whether it was China Town, a Las Vegas vibe, Shopping section, sports section, it was never ending and we plan on go there more tomorrow so we can see it all. 
Anyway, the ceremony was awesome and I made it a personal duty to introduce/talk to as many foreigners I could since I felt like I needed to show them Americans are fun and respectable and genuinely nice people. It was definitely a fun time and my favorite Women were the South African, British, and French (just saying :)

Today- I plan on running with the team at 7am, swimming at noon, and biking with the team at 2pm. My brother is going to crossfit at noon, and then we plan on walking the streets more. Tomorrow after Race #2, we will do the "touristy" site seeing events like Big Ben, the London Bridge, see the Spice girls (just joking), and the Guards.

3mi run done and avery cold 500m swim done. These workouts were just to loosen the muscles up for tomorrow. My calf is absolutely killing me! But the environment here and atmospher is amazing so its all good. I am at this out door lunch spot on the serpentine called Lido that has amazing coffee. My brother went to go do a crossfit workout at a gym here which is kind of cool. Getting excited to race tomorrow. Should be fun and cold.


Ok. I have definitely been tested today and am very thankful I have passed. Why stress over things you cant control. Saw the team doctor and confirmed I have a Calf Tear from yesterdays race. Its not severe where I cant race so that's sweet..
Also, my race wheels are not in proper form to use from my crash 2 weeks ago so I am bumming one rear wheel from One guy and then another guy front wheel from another. One is not a race wheel but that is fine.
Other than that, My brother and I had a great day and just ate at a place called The Swan.
Honestly, this stuff excites me. I feel like its an additional challenge to overcome these obstacles. So, Ice/stretch/and pray a lot tonight to make sure tomorrow I can have a decent race. 

Friday 9/13/13


Race Simply Put
Swim - calf was ok, the turns were extremely hectic and getting kicked in the face was normal, and the temp was 61 degrees. Finished pretty well to keep me in contention

Bike - Front wheel rubbed the brake the hole time, gears did not work, Cold, rainy,  6 u-turns, 36 total turns, got my butt kicked on the bike, but some crashed (not me :)

Run - Calf hurt badly, but never stopped running. a 19.00 min 5k was all I had on that calf muscle.

No medals but great experience and cant wait to come back!

Then, went to Southbank on the Thames River. Now that was sweet. The London Eye, the Tower Bridge, London Bridge, and a hole lot of pubs in these awesome villages. Then my brother and I got lost on the double decker buses and went God knows where. Great day indeed...