Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Workout Blues

Its that time of year where staying in bed feels so much  better than doing a workout. 

It just happened to me today. TWICE. 

I woke up with a 2 hr bike on my computrainer(in my garage, that holds my race bike in place while i ride creating pretty much the realist possible way of riding outside since you can adjust resistance, power, etc) and a 4,200yds swim (in a pool ;) on tap for the day. 

The bike, that was just mental really. Your long workouts my friends, you will have times where you ask yourself "I at least did half of what i am suppose to do so I am fine with that". But you never will have that full satisfaction until you completed what you wanted to do in the first place. So, I got it done and Jen made my happiness touch the sky when i opened the door to breakfast all ready and even more- a huge smile on her face. 

Swim - at lunch time, I was tired today. But after talking to Jen ( it really helps to talk to someone if your lacking the motivation) I decided to drive to the pool and see if I woke up once I Jumped in the pool. Funny, sometimes it takes a good jump of faith to wake up ;)

Anyway, I dominated the 2.5mi swim and felt very accomplished. 

These Blues dont happen often, but when they do- call a friend, think of the aftermath, talk to God, do whatever to assure you complete the task at hand.

Monday, November 3, 2014


I can not be any happier how this Season went!

First, I found the woman of my dreams. Better than my dreams to be honest. I mean, she throws the baseball with me, and plays football, rock climbs, wakes up at 4am just to go to my races, tells me to get out the door and do my workout when I feel bad that I just got home from work. I could go on and on about how lucky I am but I will not. Thanks Jen!

It was another injury free year again. I averaged 1 day off a month for 10 straight months. Raced 12 races. Raced in Chicago and California this year and raced against the best in the world there too. We are talking about Olympic Medalists. Had 8 top fve finishes, 7 being top 3.

My training schedule was working out 2-3 times a day pretty much every day before work, during lunch time, and after work. So, yes, I have an amazing job that allows me to go into work sweaty or smelling like Chlorine.

I also found me a coach that fits my needs. I was with him for 8 weeks at the end of the season, and will be with him during off season and all of next year. I'm pumped about that!

Thanks to my training friends. They also helped motivate me. The group of six are in pics below. Thanks to my Dad and mom for being great support too. And of course, God and I's relationship grew stronger and that's all I can ask for every year-For me to strengthen my relationship with God.

Lastly, My sponsors- Thank you for a great year. FiltersFast, TribikeTransport, Hammer Nutrition, and Skora.

2015 is going to be the best year yet!! I can just feel it..
Kure Beach, NC

Kure Beach Pier

Training Camp #3 with the guys

We put in the work to make races easier

Chicago presented me the toughest conditions to swim in

My Dad and I had a blast in Chicago


Too cool of a pic to not share

Oceanside CA

My Angel!

Great trail in CA

Filters Fast

TriBike Transport

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Race recap here. Season Recap on the next one.

First, again, thank you FiltersFast and TriBike Transport for helping me make this season possible. 

Jen and I headed out to Cali on Thursday. We had a fun flight. A great Friday and Saturday. 

There. That was the pre fun stuff in a nut shell (pics are better so you will find them at the bottom)

Race Day:

I Had a couple of goals going in. I wanted to break 2.05 hours and maybe flirt with 2 hrs depending on how my bike went. I also wanted top 20 overall, possibly top 10 and maybe, just maybe top 5. 

Swim - I felt really good. The problem was, normally I know how many people are in front of me (3-5 normally), but this time- I felt there was a lot. On the way out, I got in a pack of 3. On the way back, just me. I finished the 1500m swim in 19.29min (12th). I knew that was possible with my swim workouts but Im pumped that it came together in a race. 

Bike- unfortunately , my Achilles heel all year, hurt me again. I do know my race wheels are compared to my competition. I have heard if you have a disc wheel it helps you tremendously. But, that would be an excuse and I hate excuses.  :)
I dropped to 17th on the bike. I did ride with one guy the first 20 miles and then he eventually dropped off the bike. The first 16 miles of the course were great. An out and back 2x on a highway. Very fast. Then there were a ton of turns that led you to a road parallel with the beach. I felt good on the bike, but had a feeling It was not good enough since I could not gain any ground on anyone ahead of me. I ended up averaging 23mph for the 25mph bike course. The leaders avg. 25mph or 5min faster than me. That just won't cut it.

Run - I felt Great! The problem was, I felt so good- I was scared to "attack" early on in fear of feeling fatigue later, so I started at 6.20 per mile pace. Finally after the 4th mile I realized It was a good running day, so I ran the last 2 miles at 5.55 and 5.50 pace. I ran 38.39 (6.14 avg. for the 10k) and that was good enough for the 10th fastest run of the day and kept me in 17th overall position.

So in the end: A good swim, ok Bike, good run. I will take it.  2:04.55 was my time.

Pre Race Ride

Our First night on the west coast

So use to Sunrises, so seeing the Sun Set was just fascinating!

Where we ate dinner in San Diego


Oceaniside CA

Swam with Sea Lions

Oceanside was beautiful

She got me with a game face :(

I gave her a little smile

Hey God!

Never Ending pile of Skip Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watching surfers in the early morning

Filters Fast

TriBike Transport

Monday, August 25, 2014


Friday - Aug. 22nd

Ok, so I raced a couple weeks back at a beautiful place in NC. The tri is called Lake logan and some great athletes showed up. I finished 5th there but it was in prep for my 2 big races of the year. One being Now! Yep, thats right- its Friday the 22nd, and I will be blogging randomly throughout the next days prepping for the 6am start on Sunday.

Chicago Triathlon - International Distance - 6am - Sunday 7,000 athletes!!! 

6.13pm - My Dad came along the trip with me and I am so happy he did. It's our first time flying together in an airplane. We woke up at 4am for our 6am departure. All was good to arrive in Chicago until we ran out of fuel and landed in St. Louis. Since we were arriving early anyway, we were in no rush and really enjoyed the time together. Plus I got this sweet pic :)
 We then arrived and took the Blue line into town. That was awesome. A 45min ride through Chicago. Very cool. We then arrived out the Host Hotel (Hilton) which is extremely nice! Thank you Filters Fast for your ongoing support to help me reach my long term goal.
Finally, we ate Breakfast at 12.30pm. Yep, breakfast. :)
View from Hotel
After that, I had a great swim while my dad went for a 4mile walk. I then went to the pre race meeting, picked up my packet and had a coffee (Im drinking that coffee now :).
Next up, pop and I are going to go to a sports bar and enjoy. 
Race day is coming and boy oh boy do I want to race against the Elites!!! So excited. 
Over and Out!

10.11pm - Well, that was an experience (as everything is with my Dad) but we just walked over 4miles just to eat. We went to eat at a local place called Billy Goat, then once there- changed our mind and went to another place where there Chicken Caesar Salad was really good. Downtown Chicago is wonderful but I have done my walking for the weekend. Great night life but ready to go to bed. 3.30am-10.15pm. Long Day with out a nap.

Saturday - Aug 23rd
Corner Baker Cafe
8.44am - Good Morning!!! Im alive and Im free,who wouldnt want to be me. Sorry - thats a Keith Urban song. I had a great sleep and just finished a 30min swim. I am at a place called Corner Bakery Cafe where my oatmeal was Fantastico! Dad and I just finished breakfast and now he is out walking again. The man loves to walk. Pretty excited about today. I will be doing a shake out 30min run soon, and then we head out to the Chicago Cubs game. We have to go to Wrigley field while here. Then, drop off bike, shave legs, rest. I feel fit right now. I am thankful for my life and for this very moment. Jen just text me how much she loves me. It is an amazing feeling when the Woman you Love, Loves you just as much. Anyway- over out!

4.43pm - Bucket List Check! I went to see the Cubs play today with my Dad. I have always been a sports junkie and I love to go to stadiums with so much history in it, and Wrigley Field is one of them. My run before was great. I felt really good and would love a sub 37min 10k tomorrow but I know if conditions are not in my favor, then I just need to run.  
The weather turned for the worst around 2pm. Crazy storm came in. WE are suppose to drop off our bikes from 3-9. I am going to wait until later. Why rush. I wont be able to sleep tonight anyway. 
Im now in the lobby sipping some coffee, eating a snack and just loving life. So many athletes here.

Sunday- Race Day
5.49pm - Race is Complete. What a day. Woke up at 3.30am. Walked my gear to Transition (1mile walk). Then walked back to hotel and was back by 4.45am. I did my business in there and did my warm up from the hotel. I then walked to the swim start (.1mi walk) and was ready to roll. I went in having goals. One was a timed goal, the other was an Overall goal amongst the Elite Field (anyone who has gone under 2.10 (not including the Pros). 
Time went out the window once I saw our conditions. We had 15-20mph winds and our swim was extremely rough. I had a bad swim, a good bike, and a bad run but apparrantly most athletes did because I finished 20th amongst the elites and 20th out of 2,708 men on a pretty bad performance from me. I can not complain with my overall position. I am ready to prepare for my big Race of the year- Oceanside, CA!!! I cant wait, and again- thank you Filters Fast and TriBikeTransport for making these races possible. So excited. 
TriBike Transport - I love them!
In the end, I had a great time with my Dad. I raced one of the biggest races in the US and competed with the best of them. Tomorrow morning, I wake up- swim and then on to work! 

My Dad always sits like this.

Sweet view of Chicago

Enough said in this pic (note- the water was like glass the day before the race)

Yep- Glass. Then the next morning, not so Glassy ;)

Easy Jog along the lake

We were not in the executive club. WE are were in the cheapest seats but they were GREAT!

On my way to the Bike Drop off.

Pre RACE dinne and wine with Pops.

Choppiness and chaos!

So thankful For Jen and her support. She is AMAZING!

Filters Fast
TriBike Transport