Friday, November 30, 2012


My senior year in College, a friend and mentor gave me great advice. He told me you can train everyday for a training block and not take a day off-That some are capable of this and others benefit with those days off. I, benefit without days off. I have been coached by 2 different Tri coaches and they never really got to know me and how my body works. I, however, know my body best so coaching myself seems the best route. And it has been. I have seen an amazing improvement once my coach and I split ways. I am also, currently on a 30 straight day training block without a day off and feel strong and fit. This works only if you can separate your really easy days and your really hard days. Now, this doesn't mean you can go train for 2 months straight just because. As mentioned before, it differs for each person. Oh, and that mentor moved to Australia and flirted w/ breaking into the sub 15min 5k mark on training 150days straight and now is moving back to my city- Cant wait to pick his brain again! Make sure your coach truly knows your body and what benefits you the best. Im all about coaching yourself :) Have a good Friday!

Friday, November 16, 2012


Its very normal for me to have some down times in a day where I just am not happy. However, I try and quickly turn it around by thinking of all the stuff that I should be thankful for. We dont realize how much we have until we lose it. I have met someone who lost hearing in their teen years, someone who has lost a leg in their twenties, I have seen the blind, the poor, the depressed, the sick, the lost, pretty much everything right before my eyes and I dont think i am going out of a limb when I say you have seen these too. So when I think of this, I realize how selfish I am to waste my breath on my little problems. So when it comes to shopping/working out/eating out during the holidays, dont let the little things get you all worked up or stressed or depressed. Lets rock these next 2 months and show people how awesome life can be and be an ambassador of the Fit family!!

Friday, November 9, 2012


This will be mostly pics of our trip, but let me quickly explain what my brother and I do. Every year (started 5 years ago) we go to an Away Miami Dolphins game. While we absolutely love our Dolphins and call ourselves pretty big fans - the weekend is just a good way for him and I to meet up during the year away from everyone. He is in the military and it is pretty darn hard to meet up with him but he makes sure he gets these 3 days off in the year. This year- It was Indianapolis, Indiana to see the Colts vs Dolphins game. The city is super-awesome and clean!

Dolphin Players

3 Story Mall above the City

Reggie Bush

Not Sure what this was...

Rare Drinking Occasion for Me...

My Brother doing a one-handed something

The Must-Run in the city morning of the game!

Again, not sure what this was but they made it look like a tree..

Our hotel was Seeeet!!

Thank You Troops!

Monday, November 5, 2012


Endurance sports can be a lonely road for some. For others, it can be a social gathering. It can be a get-a-way, an escape. Last Friday, I wanted to get other peoples insight on what they prefer when it comes to running/biking with a group or without and with an ipod or with out. It seems this was a pretty hot topic in the tweet world. Below is what they said:

"Alone(with my dog, Abbey)"

"Im a fan of training with a partner, but also my headphones on other days"

"all 3, depends on my mood"
"Alone, without an ipod"

"I train alone, no music, sometimes meet coup people to ride but at own pace, only go together for safety"

"I almost always train with my husband. I like my ipod if Im alone"

"Train alone,music on bike over 50mi, and group stuff rules-pushes the pace"

"Id rather have a group, Im learning to like music, and i miss my old training group in TN. I need a Jersey one!" - @MS_MLove - Jersey peeps help this girl out

"depends on my mood! Usually I train alone & with my ipod but i do like having a running buddy"

"Mostly alone b/c its easier to do specific workouts on own & family time constraints, No music, and I like group rides"

"Alone w/ an ipod if running and without if riding."
"Alone fo sho! Music too unless im biking"
"Definitely an ipod, group workouts are fun"

"Alone although I incorporate races into my training, and def w/ ipod"

"I like training alone w/ my ipod- my ipod has been dead yet I will keep my ear buds in- do not talk to me! I am in my zone!" - @jkrissyontherun (I love the zone)

For me, I like the lonely road. Most of the time with out an ipod as well. Biking long, I like a group. And Running long i like a partner or the ipod. But other than that, my thoughts gives me enough distraction as it is. Its crazy where my mind goes, but I really do try and control it when it comes to focusing on the workout at hand. However, my say on the topic would be that it doesnt matter in the end. As long as you get out and get your workout in- its all good. I thought the answers above were pretty interesting though. Thanks tweeps for the help and hopefully this shows some of you that training alone is not a bad thing and the same can be said with training with a group. Just Get It Done!