Friday, November 9, 2012


This will be mostly pics of our trip, but let me quickly explain what my brother and I do. Every year (started 5 years ago) we go to an Away Miami Dolphins game. While we absolutely love our Dolphins and call ourselves pretty big fans - the weekend is just a good way for him and I to meet up during the year away from everyone. He is in the military and it is pretty darn hard to meet up with him but he makes sure he gets these 3 days off in the year. This year- It was Indianapolis, Indiana to see the Colts vs Dolphins game. The city is super-awesome and clean!

Dolphin Players

3 Story Mall above the City

Reggie Bush

Not Sure what this was...

Rare Drinking Occasion for Me...

My Brother doing a one-handed something

The Must-Run in the city morning of the game!

Again, not sure what this was but they made it look like a tree..

Our hotel was Seeeet!!

Thank You Troops!

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  1. That's a one handed of awesomeness. Just like the trip. It was a great time and can't wait for next year.