Wednesday, January 30, 2013


So one of my New Year's Resolution (I have multiple ones and I might add- Im sticking to them so far) is to read 30 books in the year. It basically is 6months reading 2 books per month and 6 months reading 3 books per month. Sounds simple but we all know how so much of "life" gets in the way of our plans. For instance- "Im so excited, I have nothing to do this weekend but relax" - said on a thursday. Then - "Where did my weekend go, and I dont recall any relax time for myself" - said on the following Monday. To help this Crisis- I pretty much canceled my Cable (I get 3 channels i believe). Not for the money-but for my quiet time. My body needs it from all the training I do daily and I get to read MORE!

Anyway- for the month of January I got in 4 books.

My favorite authors are Nick Sparks (if you know me- you already knew that one), Paul Young, and Mitch Albom.

Unfortunately, I have read all of these author's books so I really need to branch out and get recommendations from friends on what books I should add to my list. Also, unfortunately- I read the Twilight series and the Hunger Games series as well which would have been helpful to get to 30 books.

I have started the Harry Potter series - mainly b/c its 7 books :) , and I will be diving into some John Grisham. I read Bleachers and Calico Joe and not a big fan of him. Just saying.

I HIGHLY recommend Paul Young's Cross Roads (My favorite) and The Shack ( a little dark in the beginning). This Author has really helped me over the years put my life in perspective.

So, I will be writing a small blog at the end of each month updating you on my books for that month.

Cross Roads- Paul Young
Harry Potter #1 - Jk Rowling
Bleachers - John Grisham
MockingJay - Suzanne Collins

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Friday, January 25, 2013


Good morning everyone. Today- no words just pics. Of what? , you might ask. Of my favorite meals (concoctions) in a week (Monday-Friday). The ingredients of these pics are simple - Green and Red Peppers, Asparagus, Sweet Potatoes, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Turkey Bacon, Eggs, Chicken Breasts, and Hamburgers. Breakfast meals take 10-15min total and dinner 30min total.

They taste better than they look- I promise!! But the main thing is to see how many options you have with the same types of Food. Don't compare mine to those awesome food bloggers whose food looks amazing and pictures are all fancy. I bet they don't taste as good (or maybe they do :).

So, there you have it. A Triathlete's main meal intake during a work week/Training Week. 

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Friday, January 18, 2013


Good morning,

As I sit here with coffee in my hand (and loving life I might add) I realize that I have embarked on an amazing journey. I am close to 2 weeks into a 36 week training plan I have created for my self; With it ending at the Sprint World Championships In London England later on this year. While I do have a ton of races before then that will prep me for the Champs, I know all my eggs will be in that basket- to focus strictly on the month of September.

I also would like to open this up to discussion via twitter (@TriTheShore) or on here about your training plan. Does your coach or you give you 5 weeks of training block, 10, 12? Is there a rhyme and reason for it. A build block, speed block, high volume block, high interval block, stuff like that. It excites me to here how other people function and try to succeed because in the end we all are trying to succeed. Whether its finish a 5k, a triathlon, an Ironman, win your age group, win the race, lose weight- whatever it is- you have a training plan/guideline hoping it is the right formula for YOU.

I think its funny when people ask me how many yards I swim or how many miles do I bike in a week. I also feel bad, because people compare there training to others when it comes to volume. Just because one person is doing more volume does not mean they are going to be faster or training better than you. The right formula for YOU is what matters. So when I get asked that question- I tell them as much I as need- to know Im benefiting from it, and as little as I need- to know I don't get injured or waste my time on "Pointless" training hours. As Much + As Little=Correct .... Too Much+Too Little=Pointless .. See its a formula :)

Alright- lets chat it up guys.

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Friday, January 11, 2013


Good morning,

As we enter 2013, I have many goals to hopefully achieve. Nailing my nutrition is one of them. While of course, nutrition is a sensitive topic with each person since we all have different nutritional needs, and of course- this paleo diet has hit the ground running which doesnt surprise me since CrossFit has become so popular. Thats for another blog and discussion.

I talked to a nutrionist/doctor the other and boy was it a wake up call. I have weighed 138 my entire life it seems so I changed up my diet the last 3 months to lose weight and today i weighed in at 134. This doctor basically said "Im out of my mind!". Losing weight will not make me faster since my weight was good as it was. So- for you who think you need to lose weight to get faster- dont do it! You will get the shakes/ your nails will fall off/ and will be craving food all the time.

What has saved me lately though is the recovery drinks/gels/ and power bars. Hammer's Recoverite is a great recovering drink- it lacks a good taste which means it is better for you :) . I like Hammer's Montana huckleberry gels but cliff gels are really good too. Gels are during workouts or right before a run. The power bars are before a bike or swim workout. All power bars taste good! :)

While i have not been eating exactly the best stuff from 9-5 during the week, the products above helped me still train at a high level. Now, I will be changing my eating habits or lack of - but still will be having all the recovery drinks/gels/ and power bars to compliment my eating and to replenish the nutrients lost from my workouts.

Its early in the year, I recommend seeing a doctor or nutrionist to dial in on what you should and should not be eating. I thought I knew. I was Way off!

Talk to you soon!