Wednesday, January 30, 2013


So one of my New Year's Resolution (I have multiple ones and I might add- Im sticking to them so far) is to read 30 books in the year. It basically is 6months reading 2 books per month and 6 months reading 3 books per month. Sounds simple but we all know how so much of "life" gets in the way of our plans. For instance- "Im so excited, I have nothing to do this weekend but relax" - said on a thursday. Then - "Where did my weekend go, and I dont recall any relax time for myself" - said on the following Monday. To help this Crisis- I pretty much canceled my Cable (I get 3 channels i believe). Not for the money-but for my quiet time. My body needs it from all the training I do daily and I get to read MORE!

Anyway- for the month of January I got in 4 books.

My favorite authors are Nick Sparks (if you know me- you already knew that one), Paul Young, and Mitch Albom.

Unfortunately, I have read all of these author's books so I really need to branch out and get recommendations from friends on what books I should add to my list. Also, unfortunately- I read the Twilight series and the Hunger Games series as well which would have been helpful to get to 30 books.

I have started the Harry Potter series - mainly b/c its 7 books :) , and I will be diving into some John Grisham. I read Bleachers and Calico Joe and not a big fan of him. Just saying.

I HIGHLY recommend Paul Young's Cross Roads (My favorite) and The Shack ( a little dark in the beginning). This Author has really helped me over the years put my life in perspective.

So, I will be writing a small blog at the end of each month updating you on my books for that month.

Cross Roads- Paul Young
Harry Potter #1 - Jk Rowling
Bleachers - John Grisham
MockingJay - Suzanne Collins

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  1. I have The Shack but haven't read it yet. I'll have to pull that one out.