Friday, January 11, 2013


Good morning,

As we enter 2013, I have many goals to hopefully achieve. Nailing my nutrition is one of them. While of course, nutrition is a sensitive topic with each person since we all have different nutritional needs, and of course- this paleo diet has hit the ground running which doesnt surprise me since CrossFit has become so popular. Thats for another blog and discussion.

I talked to a nutrionist/doctor the other and boy was it a wake up call. I have weighed 138 my entire life it seems so I changed up my diet the last 3 months to lose weight and today i weighed in at 134. This doctor basically said "Im out of my mind!". Losing weight will not make me faster since my weight was good as it was. So- for you who think you need to lose weight to get faster- dont do it! You will get the shakes/ your nails will fall off/ and will be craving food all the time.

What has saved me lately though is the recovery drinks/gels/ and power bars. Hammer's Recoverite is a great recovering drink- it lacks a good taste which means it is better for you :) . I like Hammer's Montana huckleberry gels but cliff gels are really good too. Gels are during workouts or right before a run. The power bars are before a bike or swim workout. All power bars taste good! :)

While i have not been eating exactly the best stuff from 9-5 during the week, the products above helped me still train at a high level. Now, I will be changing my eating habits or lack of - but still will be having all the recovery drinks/gels/ and power bars to compliment my eating and to replenish the nutrients lost from my workouts.

Its early in the year, I recommend seeing a doctor or nutrionist to dial in on what you should and should not be eating. I thought I knew. I was Way off!

Talk to you soon!


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  1. Oh jeez, who was the one who told you you were crazy for wanting to lose weight? Oh yeah...