Saturday, March 16, 2013


So I thought I would give you a look into what a single, bachelor, triathlete, 40hr(ish) work week, and homeowner like myself, might do on a Saturday.

Today was one of the best weather days this year in Charlotte. Except for the wind but still really nice. Here is a time line with pictures!:)

4.15am - wake up (dog always needs to do his business at that time)

5.30am-6.45am- swim practice

7am-9am - Dog walk and coffee/breakfast/ipad fun/reading

9am-Noon - Cycling with an awesome group(look at the wind)

Noon-12.30pm - lunch/real breakfast

12.30pm- 2.30pm - Mow the yard and lay mulch down

3pm-5pm - run/gym/stretch

5pm - liquid food

5.30pm-6pm - Sox gets to play on the farm with his friend

6pm-7pm - Grill dinner/relax by the fire

7pm - write this blog

7.30pm - bake some healthy cookies

8pm - put together an Ikea table

8.30pm - go to the neighbors house to watch college basketball.

This is why I will always be single, but this is also why I absolutely love life!

The cool thing is though, as long as you dont compare your life to someone else's  you can have an exact opposite of a Saturday and yet enjoy life just as much. So cool, isnt it?? Have a good Sunday!:)

Friday, March 15, 2013

First Tri of year- Clermont FL

I like journaling on these trips daily so below is my journal from this past weekends race.

Friday Night - 3/8/13

In the hotel lobby just chillaxing! Hot tea and surfing the internet. Also, watching ESPN for the first time in forever. I must say, ESPN is the only thing I miss with cutting my Cable off. Other than that, so worth it!
Anyway- super stoked to watch an awesome race tomorrow. There are two races this weekend. One tomorrow, and another on Sunday which is mine. The one tomorrow, you get to draft off each other during the bike portion. The one on Sunday you dont. Which is the same rules for Worlds in September. So- yes- i get to watch tomorrow's race and study the course. Also, I will be training at the National Training Center here in Clermont FL before the race which is awesome.
I feel fit going into my first race. I have put in alot of work during the winter. Mostly a foundation for when the "Hard" training happens for Worlds but I think that i should be able to compete come Sunday and hopefully pull out a top 10 finish.
Last year- I had really good training blocks with really bad races . This year- I HAVE to go all in on every race. I also have to race smart. Anyway. Thats that. I had a good run this morning at 5am in the 25 degree temps. It was a good shake out run. Tomorrow will be a little more race specific workout. Then Sunday- We race!

Saturday 5.30pm - 3/9/13

Wow! Today was flipping awesome. I woke up at 6am, had oatmeal and then headed to the national training center. I did a swim workout at the 50m outdoor pool below. Then did a 3mile shake out run on the track and trails below (trails are in the grass field above the track). I felt pretty good this morning. Adrenaline is definitely kicking in.

Then- one of My best friend's Dad- George- came up and spent the day with me. We went and watched the Pro race (hard to watch knowing I can beat those guys) which was really fun and especially b/c George had no idea what my sport was really. So telling him everything was really cool.
A side note with George- Kyle who was like another Brother to me passed away 3 years ago from a freak accident. It was a death that touched many lives because of who he was. While it sucks not having Kyle around- it is refreshing knowing he is with me whenever and wherever. George and Chris (his wife) have been unbelieveable during the loss of their youngest child. They are such strong people with a faith that is unbreakable. And to have him here with me is awesome!

We went to a sports bar to watch the Gator basketball game and I had a beer. Yes, I had a beer before the race. I did this last year for a big race and I finished 2nd overall so I think it might be a good ritual. We will see.
After lunch, I napped then did a shake out bike workout. Felt really good during that. Maybe because its so flat here and im just use to all the hills in North Carolina. Anyway, time for dinner. Peace.

Sunday - 12.30pm
Alrighty! I love to race. That was awesome. Normally they break up races with heats. Like- An age group at 8, 8.15,8.30 and a collegiate group. Not at this race. It was a mass start. All athletes running into the water punching and kicking each other. Side note- this was the Florida Collegiate Tri Championship. That is One reason why I came to this race. I love going after competition rather than staying here locally.  Anyway- I will make this short since pics are so much better.

Swim- 9th out of the water, worked my butt off on the bike to stay up front but still lost a few spots, then gained them back on the run. I got my top 10 finish that I predicted. So nice here in Florida! Pics below of my little journey....

Road Trip

Why free coffee/hot tea/and hot chocolate all day at the hotel makes me the happiest person in the world- dont ask me!

An early swim at the NTC the day before the race

The trails are in the hills behind me and that track was awesome at the NTC!

George and I before the race. That water was chilly!

A healthy breakfast

I raced a swim meet last weekend as well. Look at the flippin Pool!

Saturday, March 2, 2013


My triathlon training update will be brief. I am feeling amazing. All 3 sports are progressing as planned. Cant wait for races to start. I will have a weekend journal on my races this weekend.

2 things to answer:

1) No, I dont have a coach. I coach myself
2) I train mostly alone. The races your alone, so why not train alone.

Ok. Now for the fun stuff! 3 more books read in February which gives me a total of 7 books for the year. 23 to go to complete my New Years Res goal.

My books were Life of Pi, Running on Joy, and Harry Potter #2.

2 really cool things have happend since my last Book blog. A really good friend who I dont see that much during the school year (he teaches and coaches) suprised me on a Sunday and dropped off 2 books for me to read. I had asked for suggestions last month knowing It will be hard to have 30 good books to read. A gesture so small, made my day. For him to reach out like that is awesome and I know he reads my blog :) Thanks JR!
The other mystery- I am still trying to find out who- A book came in the mail from but does not tell me who bought it. It is definitely a book I will read, so i dont think it was a mistake. Those 2 acts of kindness go along way.
Right now I have 5 books on tap (not including my Harry potter once a month). Which means... I still need help people. 13 more books. Recommendations are welcomed.

Lastly, I like to write down quotes in a journal that I really like from books so here are a few from this month:

Cross Roads
- The Holy Spirit telling Anthony who she is:
"I am she who is more than you can begin to imagine and yet anchors your deepest longings. I am she whose love for you , you are not powerful enough to change, and i am she whom you can trust. I am the voice in the wind, the smile in the moon, the refreshing of the life that is water. I am the common wind that catches you by surprise and your very breath."

Life of Pi
-Talking about swimming
"there was the deep pleasure of doing a stroke with increasing ease adn speed, over and over, until hypnosis practically, the water turning from molten lead to liqud light."

-"the presence of God is the finest of rewards"

-Talking about survival
"I will not die. I refuse it. I will make it thourgh this nightmare. I will beat the odds, as great as they are. I have survived so far, miraculously. Now I will turn miracle into routine. The amazing will be seen everyday. I will put in all the hard work necessary. yes, so long as God is with me, I will not die. Amen"

Book Review:
Life of Pi - Great until the ending. I dont do well with gruesome stuff
Running with Joy - A must read for all you marathoners out there
Harry Potter #2 - Its crazy to think Im getting obsessed with this geeky character. But- I totally am!

Books Read so far in 2013:
Harry Potter #1
Cross Roads
The Bleachers
Life of Pi
Running with Joy
Harry Potter #2

Have a good Wednesday. Shout out to my work. For the last 2 years -They have made Accounting the most fun occupation a man can have and they let me train at an elite level.

Also- cant flipping wait until Sunday (first race of the year)!