Friday, March 15, 2013

First Tri of year- Clermont FL

I like journaling on these trips daily so below is my journal from this past weekends race.

Friday Night - 3/8/13

In the hotel lobby just chillaxing! Hot tea and surfing the internet. Also, watching ESPN for the first time in forever. I must say, ESPN is the only thing I miss with cutting my Cable off. Other than that, so worth it!
Anyway- super stoked to watch an awesome race tomorrow. There are two races this weekend. One tomorrow, and another on Sunday which is mine. The one tomorrow, you get to draft off each other during the bike portion. The one on Sunday you dont. Which is the same rules for Worlds in September. So- yes- i get to watch tomorrow's race and study the course. Also, I will be training at the National Training Center here in Clermont FL before the race which is awesome.
I feel fit going into my first race. I have put in alot of work during the winter. Mostly a foundation for when the "Hard" training happens for Worlds but I think that i should be able to compete come Sunday and hopefully pull out a top 10 finish.
Last year- I had really good training blocks with really bad races . This year- I HAVE to go all in on every race. I also have to race smart. Anyway. Thats that. I had a good run this morning at 5am in the 25 degree temps. It was a good shake out run. Tomorrow will be a little more race specific workout. Then Sunday- We race!

Saturday 5.30pm - 3/9/13

Wow! Today was flipping awesome. I woke up at 6am, had oatmeal and then headed to the national training center. I did a swim workout at the 50m outdoor pool below. Then did a 3mile shake out run on the track and trails below (trails are in the grass field above the track). I felt pretty good this morning. Adrenaline is definitely kicking in.

Then- one of My best friend's Dad- George- came up and spent the day with me. We went and watched the Pro race (hard to watch knowing I can beat those guys) which was really fun and especially b/c George had no idea what my sport was really. So telling him everything was really cool.
A side note with George- Kyle who was like another Brother to me passed away 3 years ago from a freak accident. It was a death that touched many lives because of who he was. While it sucks not having Kyle around- it is refreshing knowing he is with me whenever and wherever. George and Chris (his wife) have been unbelieveable during the loss of their youngest child. They are such strong people with a faith that is unbreakable. And to have him here with me is awesome!

We went to a sports bar to watch the Gator basketball game and I had a beer. Yes, I had a beer before the race. I did this last year for a big race and I finished 2nd overall so I think it might be a good ritual. We will see.
After lunch, I napped then did a shake out bike workout. Felt really good during that. Maybe because its so flat here and im just use to all the hills in North Carolina. Anyway, time for dinner. Peace.

Sunday - 12.30pm
Alrighty! I love to race. That was awesome. Normally they break up races with heats. Like- An age group at 8, 8.15,8.30 and a collegiate group. Not at this race. It was a mass start. All athletes running into the water punching and kicking each other. Side note- this was the Florida Collegiate Tri Championship. That is One reason why I came to this race. I love going after competition rather than staying here locally.  Anyway- I will make this short since pics are so much better.

Swim- 9th out of the water, worked my butt off on the bike to stay up front but still lost a few spots, then gained them back on the run. I got my top 10 finish that I predicted. So nice here in Florida! Pics below of my little journey....

Road Trip

Why free coffee/hot tea/and hot chocolate all day at the hotel makes me the happiest person in the world- dont ask me!

An early swim at the NTC the day before the race

The trails are in the hills behind me and that track was awesome at the NTC!

George and I before the race. That water was chilly!

A healthy breakfast

I raced a swim meet last weekend as well. Look at the flippin Pool!

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