Monday, April 22, 2013


Well- earlier this morning, an athlete confronted me poolside. He started throwing some words my way about my blog and God (see my blog yesterday) and my character. In return, I .................. jabbed back at him. Right away- I did the wrong thing. I should have let him get his anger out and accept the words that he wanted to express. But no, I had to yell back and throw more negative/nasty words his way.

No matter what one says to you, you should never let them bring out your worse self. In this case we both lost the argument because in the end no one wins these type of disputes. Even if he came at me wanting to fight- I needed to turn the other cheek. A good female friend was there witnessing this, and I felt so bad that she saw this come out of me.

AGAIN- if someone attacks you with harsh words, you should never return the favor. Building character is not easy, and even though there are setbacks like this- i can just hope i learn from them.


Saturday, April 20, 2013


April 20th - 7pm

Alright- I will make this hopefully quick pertaining to my last 2 races and then i will just get to writing :)

2 weeks ago- I had a race- suppose to be a Sprint Tri but the swim got canceled. So just a Bike/Run... I won! Today- I had another race in Charleston- suppose to be a triathlon- which rightfully it was except that the Bike did not count for the elite field due to them not having the course marked at the U-turn and no volunteer was there. So some of us biked 30miles instead of 13miles. And I had no water bottles thinking it was going to be a short race. Anyway- they just took our swim/run times in which I won again! :) I ran a 17.25 5k after a hard 30mile bike and just a Hammer Gel before the race (I love those Hammer Products!)

2 Races in 14 days and 2 wins! Pretty pumped but the real racing begins in May. Those will be alot more competitive.

What I have realized in these last 2 weeks is how important it is to give everything - worries/accomplishments/highs/lows/stress- to God. Today before the race- it was pouring in the morning and cold. I just said "God- I give this situation to you- please take care of it and I will just enjoy the ride on your journey for me" . When something does not go as planned for you- dont worry- let God do the worrying for you.

Tax Season is pretty much over- so that really excites me! I have tunnel vision now for the London World Champs. Staying Heatlthy, Positive, and stress-free are some goals along the way that will help me be mentally ready. Physically ready- well- i cant tell you all that info but just know- my body is going through some instense training day-in and day-out / morning and night. And I love every bit of it.

Gotta love life- There is alot more good than bad in life- thats for darn sure!

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