Monday, April 22, 2013


Well- earlier this morning, an athlete confronted me poolside. He started throwing some words my way about my blog and God (see my blog yesterday) and my character. In return, I .................. jabbed back at him. Right away- I did the wrong thing. I should have let him get his anger out and accept the words that he wanted to express. But no, I had to yell back and throw more negative/nasty words his way.

No matter what one says to you, you should never let them bring out your worse self. In this case we both lost the argument because in the end no one wins these type of disputes. Even if he came at me wanting to fight- I needed to turn the other cheek. A good female friend was there witnessing this, and I felt so bad that she saw this come out of me.

AGAIN- if someone attacks you with harsh words, you should never return the favor. Building character is not easy, and even though there are setbacks like this- i can just hope i learn from them.


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