Saturday, April 20, 2013


April 20th - 7pm

Alright- I will make this hopefully quick pertaining to my last 2 races and then i will just get to writing :)

2 weeks ago- I had a race- suppose to be a Sprint Tri but the swim got canceled. So just a Bike/Run... I won! Today- I had another race in Charleston- suppose to be a triathlon- which rightfully it was except that the Bike did not count for the elite field due to them not having the course marked at the U-turn and no volunteer was there. So some of us biked 30miles instead of 13miles. And I had no water bottles thinking it was going to be a short race. Anyway- they just took our swim/run times in which I won again! :) I ran a 17.25 5k after a hard 30mile bike and just a Hammer Gel before the race (I love those Hammer Products!)

2 Races in 14 days and 2 wins! Pretty pumped but the real racing begins in May. Those will be alot more competitive.

What I have realized in these last 2 weeks is how important it is to give everything - worries/accomplishments/highs/lows/stress- to God. Today before the race- it was pouring in the morning and cold. I just said "God- I give this situation to you- please take care of it and I will just enjoy the ride on your journey for me" . When something does not go as planned for you- dont worry- let God do the worrying for you.

Tax Season is pretty much over- so that really excites me! I have tunnel vision now for the London World Champs. Staying Heatlthy, Positive, and stress-free are some goals along the way that will help me be mentally ready. Physically ready- well- i cant tell you all that info but just know- my body is going through some instense training day-in and day-out / morning and night. And I love every bit of it.

Gotta love life- There is alot more good than bad in life- thats for darn sure!

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