Saturday, March 16, 2013


So I thought I would give you a look into what a single, bachelor, triathlete, 40hr(ish) work week, and homeowner like myself, might do on a Saturday.

Today was one of the best weather days this year in Charlotte. Except for the wind but still really nice. Here is a time line with pictures!:)

4.15am - wake up (dog always needs to do his business at that time)

5.30am-6.45am- swim practice

7am-9am - Dog walk and coffee/breakfast/ipad fun/reading

9am-Noon - Cycling with an awesome group(look at the wind)

Noon-12.30pm - lunch/real breakfast

12.30pm- 2.30pm - Mow the yard and lay mulch down

3pm-5pm - run/gym/stretch

5pm - liquid food

5.30pm-6pm - Sox gets to play on the farm with his friend

6pm-7pm - Grill dinner/relax by the fire

7pm - write this blog

7.30pm - bake some healthy cookies

8pm - put together an Ikea table

8.30pm - go to the neighbors house to watch college basketball.

This is why I will always be single, but this is also why I absolutely love life!

The cool thing is though, as long as you dont compare your life to someone else's  you can have an exact opposite of a Saturday and yet enjoy life just as much. So cool, isnt it?? Have a good Sunday!:)

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