Friday, March 31, 2017


     This month was just a reminder how important it is to surround your self and family with friends who share the same values. Values are far more important than interests. A married guy that likes to run but wants to talk about other women that's not his wife is someone I don't want to run with. I have 7 friends that we have been together for about 5 years now that just are always there for each other. A couple of bible verses shared through this group was the following:

Philippians 3:12-14 and Matthew 6:25-34.  Basically, forget what is behind / strain toward what is ahead and Ye of little faith.

When I train, thinking of this stuff just makes me on a high. God loves me. For that, I must smile.

Last 4 weeks have been great. One week we were hit with  the sick bug, all 5 of us,  but thanks to my amazing wife, she helped us all get better. I try, but can't compare to her.  Swimming saw great gains, running felt easy, and biking is just fun! I definitely felt improvements throughout the month and I am so ready to race! 5 races in 7 straight weekends. Nothing better than toeing the line knowing those 4am wake up calls is for that very moment.

Key Workouts:

Run - 2x2mile Run with a 3.30min easy jog (total run is 6.75miles)
I went in this one just wanting to beat last months time of this same very workout and also wanting my breathing controlled. Pleased to say both were accomplished.  The first 2mile split was 12.07min (6.06,6.01) and the second 2mile split was 11.56min(6.01,5.55). Very happy since its only march.

Swim - 2,000yds Tempo
I did not have a goal, maybe avg. 1.24 since i am not in great swimming shape yet but to my surprise, I came in at 26.23min (500 splits - 6.40,6.41,6.33,6.29) which avg. 1.19. I just thought "This is Fantastic! I am swimming once a week and I just did this?" - I was pumped

One more note, only In NC can it snow in the morning (a lot) and heat up so much that your in shorts in the afternoon. Crazy stuff I tell ya. March weather has been a yo-yo affect. Up and down temps. Its fascinating, I must say.

Any-who, on to the next 4 weeks! Lets Race!

4 Week Total:

Run - 81miles , 10 hrs
Bike - 305miles, 14hrs, 57min
Swim - 4miles, 1 hr, 45min
Strength - 2 hrs 40min

Running or Swimming at Lunch

Getting our Hat game on

In the morning - we play in the snow

In the afternoon - we play in the sun 


My brother said our snow man looked like Mr. Winky from South park :(

CL meeting me for a lunch run workout

Fun bar-b-que with the legend runner (the girls beat him in this race)

Beautiful Day to Ride with Brian and Billy

My wife and I love hanging close to the house on weekends

Boys will be Boys

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017


   February was just fantastic. The weather here slowly is getting breathtaking. NC weather is cold maybe 1 month. Then, mornings are cold and afternoons feel great. We definitely embrace great weather days. Whether its picnics at parks, or picnics in our yard, or long dog walks, soccer/football/basketball in the culdesac, we try and be outside. The birds sing every morning, the Hawks meet in the sky, the leaves dance to the cool breeze, and the beautiful flowers prematurely come out to say Hi. God is Good!

Training went great. Another month of blessings. No injuries and no sickness. Plus, I'm in the middle of reading Nicholas Sparks Two by Two. It is pretty darn good, I must say.

The goal this month was to just build off of January. Not a massive build, but only about 1 to 1.5 hrs more a week total. I also started swimming this month again.

Key Workouts-

5k TimeTrial - This is the 2nd annual Time trial race within our Training group. It's awesome! You don't rest for it during the week and you do not get a medal or anything afterwards, but you simply go all out. 4 guys are training for a half marathon that's in 4 weeks so they are coming off 50 mile running weeks. They did a 10k TT and they are very fast. Dan and Mike came in at 5.25pace, Brink 5.57 and Baum at 6.04 pace for their 10ks. Just booking.
   Then Chris, Glenn, and I did the 5k (out) and then recovered coming back. We have all been running under 20 miles a week so a 10k is just not logical. The fun part is we all were able to push one another.  I couldn't be more happy My pacing was on point! I knew I had destroyed my legs during the week so I gave myself a realistic goal. I said before I wanted a 5.50 pace. Well, my 3 miles were, 5.52, 5.51,5.49. As I am getting older, I am getting smarter with my pacing. In my early 20s I would have run a 5.25, 5.50, 6.20 - 3 miles. Its sooo much easier to run hard when you pace properly.

20min Power Test - Equivalent to a 5k to see where your pace is, this is a test on the bike to see what power you can train at for 1 hr, 2 hrs and for other different distances. I avg 248w which is exactly 4.0w/kg for me. I am thrilled with this because I know I am inching closer to compete with the best multi sport athletes. Cycling has always been my weakness. However, its time to make my weakness my strength! This test is done indoors so you don't stop at traffic lights or stop pedaling on downhills. 20min, NONSTOP - ALLOUT. Its fun :)

Lastly, our Pastor talked about 4 letters to know. SOAP - Scripture, Observation,  Application, and Prayer. For the next month, under our roof - we will work on those words. For our house is nothing without a Foundation built around God.

March will be one more BUILD month, then RACING begins!!!

4 Week Total:

Run - 73miles , 9 hrs 12min
Bike - 263miles, 13hrs, 34min
Swim - 4.2miles, 1 hr, 56min
Strength - 2 hrs 34min

NC Sunset

Where the pain starts at 5am

Super Bowl Sunday with Pa 
Full Moon

Picnic with Friends

The 5k TT mentioned above (mile splits)


Valentines Day Lunch Picnic

Valentines Day!

Let the Swimming begin!

I love Mommy!

Flower from our yard, with Gabriel hugging Mommy in the back

Throwback! Back home with my brother and Kyle. One day, we will see you in heaven buddy.

Love morning fires
Long Course Swimming 
I Shore do Love Soccer!

Daddy, can you build Gabriel a swing set? Of course! :)

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Howdy friends!

     This month went extremely well and also went by fast. I took off from swimming entirely this month and focused on biking/running/strength. Part of a successful training plan is one with NO STRESS emotionally. For January, I wanted to test the waters on what I can do physically week after week without effecting my family and work. I definitely found my answer and I am thrilled!

     In a nut shell, this month I biked 4x a week, ran 3x a week, 2 strength sessions. During the week, a wake up call at 4.30am so I can ride until 6/6.30am, help get the kids ready for school and then head off to work. Then, I run at lunch from 12pm-1pm. I did this only 3x in January but that will pick up later in the year.  I even have Sundays off with the exception of a 15min Strength session I do out of our home gym. This day off is crucial for me. Physical Stress causes injuries as well and that is not good. Proper recovery is imperative. 

     By 5pm when work ends, its family time! So yes, I found my perfect recipe of a training plan.
For February, I will focus on making each session a little longer but still keep intensity down. I want to toe the line healthy, prepared and fit. 

A key bike session I did:

1 hour workout done at 6am on my computrainer (for those who dont know what that is, I can put my race bike on the trainer and then it talks to my computer creating a course that I ride - its fascinating really). 

10min Warmup
3min @ 205w - 3.26w/kg
3min @ 230w - 3.66w/kg
3min @ 255w - 4.07w/kg
9min @ 130w - 2.04w/kg

5min Cooldown

3.35w/kg is the goal for the race so I am very happy to accomplish this workout in January knowing I definitely did not dig super deep for this one.

A key run session I did:

4k Race. I like hopping in run races in the middle of training. Not too often though or else that could be another way to injure yourself. I went in with a goal of 3.40 per 1k. Ended up racing a 3.39 per k pace with my last one the fastest. Its so important to go in these races with a mindset of what you realistically think you are capable of.

So my 4k race was not fast at all to my PR 5k, but I am more thrilled about it because, it felt easy, controlled, and fun.

So January is done. Now I will add swimming to my training in February. Lets do this!!!

4 Week Total:
Run - 62miles , 7 hrs 45min
Bike - 263miles, 13 hrs, 10min
Strength - 2 hrs 16min

Shout out to my Wife for being amazingly awesome.

Here is a 1min GoPro Clip I put together of training.

The elevation map of one of my bike workouts

4k Race

Gabriel's Baptism Day!

I get to run on this trail during lunch

Family walk during lunch break

What is all that white stuff out there??

Belmont Abbey's Adoration Chapel - Early College Shopping

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Monday, November 14, 2016


Motivation for your next Race!

This was the first time I took 12 weeks out of the year to train for just a run race since college (6 years ago). Normally, its for Triathlons. However, with the handsome little baby boy coming into this world on 7/30 I knew having a balanced life would become that more important. So, I wanted to see if training for one sport was possible. It very much so was possible :)

Lets get right into it.

6 weeks from the Half marathon that I was training for, I did a 10k prep race with my training partner Brian. I had a very bad race and avg. 6.20 per mile. I wanted 6.15 per mile in 6 weeks and double the distance. Safe to say, I lost some confidence. However, I had a training plan and I had God on my side, so I prayed and trusted the plan.

2 weeks out I got a tooth ache and found out my wisdom tooth was infected which I had removed. After 3 days off that week, I decided to run a 5k to hopefully boost my confidence again. It did. I avg. 5.51 which is not fast by no means but it helped me gain momentum for the end goal - Half Marathon - 6.15 pace.

Well, the Race just happened this past weekend. My time is below. The back half is very tough and it was surprisingly windy due to a cold front coming in. To averaged 6.18 per mile made me on top of the world. I just ran faster for the half marathon than i did for the 10k 6 weeks ago. On top of that, my wife brought  the  3 amigos to greet me at the finish line with 40 degree temps and 5000 runners out there. Pretty sure my morning was easier than hers ;)

What I take from this is the following:
1) With a balanced life you can achieve goals. Balanced is key. That word includes Wife, children, work, duties around the house.
2) Do NOT get discouraged during your training plan. Trust the process. Bad days happen. Toe that line with confidence, dont make excuses, and race your heart out!
3) I can definitely become a faster runner if I ran like this year round, but it is not me. I love to swim, bike, and run. I love that challenge.
4) Having a family that supports your early morning training runs or lunch runs or 9pm bed times is very helpful :) In between though, I know I have my part as a Father and husband to be the best I can be
5) Nutrition is key. I ate 2 bonk breaker bars a day. One before and after each run. I ate fruit and veggies daily, and consumed water/OJ/Milk daily. One beer or coke on a Sunday if the Miami Dolphins win :)))
6) Training partners are crucial. I am blessed to have great training friends. Brian,Glenn,Billy,Chris, and Dan make it that much more fun.

70.3 Half Ironman training begins in December. Throwing this out there, I think I can average 6.30 per mile in a Half Ironman race next year. I say this to hold me accountable.

Charlotte Half Marathon 

My training partner for 12 weeks. He was 8th, me 12th 

Love this city!

Blessed to train on terrain like this daily

"Im handsome"

Well deserved smores after our races. 

My Wife can do everything she does with the help of these wraps. She is a pro!

I love Bonk Breaker bars!!!!

Best there is!

3 Amigos (one not so happy about the selfie) and My amazing Wife!

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