Sunday, July 9, 2017


Week 3 in the books!!!  I changed it up this week. I ran my long run at Noon on Monday to ready myself for the very Hot run in the race. I also biked on Sunday for the first time in forever instead of Saturday. This does not seem like much but when you are a routine person who doesnt like change that much, it means something :)

Feeling fit thats for sure but also getting a little tired. Gabriel has decided its time to walk on his 2 precious little feet EVERYWHERE! I dont see how my wife does it all day. He walks over 50 laps a day in our house while Jen is there every step of his way.  When I say tired, its a good tired. I should be pushing myself right to the fine line of too much. If you go over, and obsess about it, then you can pay the price via Injury/Bonk/drained.

Key Workouts:

Long Run - 11miles - 7:24pace

This was a HOT one. Done during my lunch at work. Part of training for your "A" race, its important to duplicate as many race scenarios as you can. For instance, if its windy outside you should still ride because it might be windy on race day. Same with Rain. Same with Heat. Prepare for the worst. I was very happy with this run. I ran 5.5miles out and then back. I had no water, and also got faster the last 5miles. Objectives complete!

Long Bike - 55.72miles - 21.2mph
Glenn and I decided to ride on Sunday because we had a big group and that group is a fast one! These guys are just amazing cyclist so we hopped on their train and let it loose. Billy joined as well. Then Billy and Glenn ran with me for 10min. A great workout on a Sunday morning. To cap it off, my amazing, AMAZING, wife had breakfast ready for us and we all ate and watched the Tour de France. 

Boys watching le Tour

Neighborhood Lap Pool - Always empty at night time :)

Week 3 - 9:15 hrs
Bike - 4 rides, 109.89miles, 5:16 hrs
Run - 5 runs, 23.90miles, 2:58 hrs
Swim - 2 swims, 4,228yds, 1:00 hr

Week 2 - 8:31 hrs
Bike - 4 rides, 103.05miles, 4:45 hours
Run - 5 runs, 23.13miles, 2:50 hours
Swim - 2 swims, 3,890yds, 56min

Week 1 - 8:05 hrs
Bike - 4 rides, 99.08miles, 5:00 hours
Run - 5 runs, 24.67miles, 3:04 hours
Swim - None! Only week this will happen. Didnt feel like swimming with the sharks in VA beach

Training Partners: Glenn, Billy, Pat, Dan, Fred, Spencer, Dan L., John

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