Friday, July 7, 2017


 This week went really well. Starting to get in that "Rise and Grind"  rhythm. I am also starting to watch little by little what I eat, making sure I am properly eating the right foods within 30min after a workout.

My 3 workouts this week I want to single out are the following:

Long Run - 75min - 10.12miles - 7.25 pace

     Last weeks long run was in VA Beach so that almost doesnt count since it is so flat. This weeks was from my house and that means HILLS!! I did it bright and early at 5.30am on Monday and slowly got faster. I pushed the last 3miles to under Half IM pace. I was very pleased that my body was able to listen to my mind. Its always frustrating when you say "I am going to run a certain pace for the last 5k" and then you are not even close. So I was very happy to bring the last couple miles to 6.50. 

30min Non-Stop Swim with Pads and Buoy - 2,250yds - 1.20min pace

     I wanted to just swim for 30min straight witht he first 25min being easy, and the last 5min being pushed to a pretty hard effort. Time wise, I had no real goal. I ended up avg. 1.21pace for the first 25min and the last 5min was 1.15pace. I was very pleased with this. Not swimming in 2 weeks, I had no real expectation. But going forward, I definitely will! 

Long Ride - 2:27 hrs - 50.37miles - 20.5mph avg

     This was definitely the funnest workout of the week. We had a group of 9 starting at 6.10am on Saturday. If you take away my warmup, this ride was a 22.5mph ride. We were booking, thanks to Pat. Nothing else to say really, other than there was not a lot of talking since we were all pushing it pretty well. These workouts will help me get ready for the big race, thats for sure!

Week 2 - 8:31 hrs
Bike - 4 rides, 103.05miles, 4:45 hours
Run - 5 runs, 23.13miles, 2:50 hours
Swim - 2 swims, 3,890yds, 56min

Week 1 - 8:05 hrs
Bike - 4 rides, 99.08miles, 5:00 hours
Run - 5 runs, 24.67miles, 3:04 hours
Swim - None! Only week this will happen. Didnt feel like swimming with the sharks in VA beach

Training partners : Glenn, Pat Armeen, Brink, Shue, Brian, Fred, Will

Family Reunion in the mountains

Gabriel found his love - Sticks and dirt!

20min tempo in the heat at noon

Long run splits

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