Wednesday, July 5, 2017


12 weeks to the big race-Half Ironman White Lake! 1.2mi Swim, 56mile Bike, 13.1mile Run  and when the run begins it will be over 90 degrees and that doesn't include the heat from the Highway we run on without any trees. Basically, there is a lot to prep for if I want to compete at a high level.

Also, I am not doing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for these next 12 weeks. I am zoning IN on my training and my wife will post these blogs to Facebook. Also, It will help me read more and look at my phone less :)

This week just so happened to be our Family Beach vacation to VA Beach.

Key Workouts for the Week:

Long Run - 10.17mi - through the Fort Story trail in VA Beach. It was a humid one but I kind of need all my runs to be pretty hot if I want the race to feel normal.  My goal for this run was to just run on feel and I wanted it to feel easy and I also wanted the 2nd half to be quicker. All goals accomplished.

Long Bike - 43miles - Normally I ride with my buddy (and Gabriel's godfather) Glenn, who also will be racing White Lake, but he was too busy riding a 85mile race in the mountains (overachiever) so I did this one solo at 6.30am on Saturday. It was a beautiful muggy morning in the farmlands with no traffic. My first 90min I just wanted it to feel pretty easy, then I started my 5x4min Hard/2min easy workout. My 4min Hard were suppose to be an effort harder than Half Ironman pace which they were so I was happy.

All and all a great start to training for this race. I had a blast with my family. They are my life and make me smile more than I can ever imagine was possible.  God is Great!

Week 1
Bike - 4 rides, 99.08miles, 5:00 hours
Run - 5 runs, 24.67miles, 3:04 hours
Swim - None! Only week this will happen. Didnt feel like swimming with the sharks in VA beach

Training Partner - Ryan Foster

Arrived Monday night - Went straight to the beach!

Why VA Beach Bay is the best - No one in the summer!

Love these 2 - sooo much!

Gabriels first roller coaster!

We happy!

First Shore Golf Tournament - Winner - Me! :)

Paw chilling with the kids

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