Saturday, May 4, 2013


Hey friends!

I dont post many of my workouts into detail but I will break down a workout I made on the fly today since I will not be racing in Knoxville TN tomorrow. I was planning on doing this 3 races/3weekend stretch in the beginning of the year but mother nature had different plans. Any way, since i was well rested going into this weekend thinking I was going to race, I wanted to put my body through immense amount of pain :)

So here it is...

500yds swim all out
1mile run all out
500yds swim all out
1mile run all out
500yds swim all out
1mile run all out

Then later in the day- a Power test for as long as I can stand on my bike with a power avg. 50 more watts than normal (most of you i have lost now :)

Anyway- The people at in the pool thought i was a lunatic, and the people on the treadmills (1.0 incline) thought i was a lunatic b/c i kept on getting on and then leaving.

My fastest swim 500 was 6.14min and my fastest mile was 5.25min (avg. 5.30 for all 3 mi). This is a great workout I can build off of later on this year prepping for the World Champs and hopefully/should be alot faster.
I was absolutely Spent. Like Dead. I finished the last 1mile all out and wanted to fall over and just lie on the ground.

The other important thing was that I rushed from the pool to run,run to the pool all 5 times.

Anyone training for a race longer than a sprint, these workout would not be good since the muscle memory is for your short term muscle twitches. Basically, after an hour race- i would need some better than this workout.

Tomorrow- I run up a mountain! Twice! In the rain! Epicness!

Nutrition: One Hammer power gel, and too much coffee before hand.
Running Shoes: Inov8 (not just for Crossfit peeps :)

Later Gators,

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