Friday, May 17, 2013

Racing and LIFE Updates

Good Happy Friday Morning To you!

Today, I will make a road trip to Maryland for my "A" race of the Spring/Summer season. This will be my 5th race in 2 months and 4th race in 6 weekends. While I am ecstatic that I am injury free and ready for an "off" week next week- Im more stoked that my body is feeling Fit! This is the race that I am treating like its the World Champs in September. What I mean is, after the race i will look at my training, my taper, my eating, and overall health and see if it was a good combo/formula leading up to race day. If so, then i will do the same when it comes to the leading days to the big race in September.

I have a 10th, 1st, 1st, and 4th overall finish so far in the 4 triathlons I have done this year. This one is going to be extremely competitive so to round out the top 10 again would be awesome, and if i feel really good- then who knows what place i will come in :)

This journey has been awesome. Even better is the road bumps along the way that really toughen you (or weaken you- but i think thats up to the person on what route they want to choose when it comes to these road bumps) . For instance, this week- my 5yr old dog has thrown up 24 times in 5 days. I have slept out side with him at night when he didn't want to come in (he always wants to come in- he hates being outside alone), I have had him throw up on me, I have picked him up to get in my car (he's 70lbs). I am not one to clean up messy/disgusting "stuff" but this past week- i have TOUCHED so much throw up that I think I can handle anything now (still- no way i can handle a kid). 

My good Retired friend who i have had coffee with for the last 5 years every Thursday, had to miss our coffee date the last 2 weeks because He will be starting Radiation soon on his Brain to stop a "disease" from spreading throughout the whole Brain. 

I dont have it bad, i know that! I actually feel that I have it Great! But these are just little things that have happened recently in my life that I didnt expect especially during a week where I just wanted to give my legs a rest for the race along with my mind. We all have that-ya know? You just assume life will be a normal day when you wake up and then BAM! Something unexpected hits you. Thats when you have to be strong, be adaptable, be willing and able, slow down, and be thankful that you are prepared to calm the storm rather than run away from it.  Embrace it! What the "It" is, just embrace it.. 

Life is Good my friends- You better believe it! I cant wait to race this Sunday! I will have a Picture blog next week of the first half of 2013 and all the journeys it brought with it.

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