Sunday, June 2, 2013


In the last 3 weeks I most definitely have been tested. But first let me say how Google is one of my main life supports. That and Twitter. Its amazing how many people on twitter came to my rescue when I asked for advice.

Anyway- i thought I can give my little piece of knowledge when it comes to your Dog either having a Stomachache (which I thought) or a large ball in his stomach. 

My dog is a Black Lab/Boardie Collie mix (see pic below), and is 75lbs. It started on a friday when he Threw up for the first time. I went my marry way and cleaned it up and praised him for not doing it on a carpet. The next day, 2 more vomits. The following 3 more. The 4 more days after that he was averaging 3-4 vomits aday. This is when I started to worry and thought he had a stomach virus. So- after research and twitter friends advice- I gave him pepto bismal, benedryl, fed him rice, and wet food. All of those are great things if your dog has a stomach ached. However, mine did not and threw up everything that was going in his mouth. 

10days later I took him to the vet (dont be like me and wait), the vet did his thing and thought that he had Rip Worms so gave me medicine for it. 3 days later, the same results occurred but even more frightening - he threw up 7 times on that Thursday. He kept me up all night as i might have mentioned this a little in my last blog. But yes- 2 weeks of very little sleep taking care of my buddy. 

First thing Friday morning, I took him into the vet and said- nothing is working, I desparately need you to find out whats wrong. After weighing him again, he lost 15lbs in 2 weeks. The doctor then said lets do an xray. I think he waited so long with this for 2 reasons. Most people try to avoid an xray due to the Fee, and when he felt his stomach 4 days ago- he didnt feel anything in there. 

So- right before the X-Ray,  i told him how much I need somehting to pop up on there or else we really have no idea whats wrong with him and he strongly agreed with me witch was a little scary. Anyway- this is what the X-Ray Showed.

Yes- thats a Flipping Hard Baseball. I dont even own a Baseball! 2 weeks in his stomach. Im pretty impressed with him to be honest. The fact that he swallowed it is impressive, and the fact that he kept pushing through for 2 weeks. Anyway- I hope this helps if you came across this on your google search of whether your dog has a stomachache or something else.


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