Monday, June 10, 2013


Ok. The post below hopefully helps anyone that owns a dog. This post, hopefully helps anyone that gets poison ivy in the future.

First off, let me tell you one thing. Dont be stubborn and think its just a spider bite and itch away. This is when you are suppose to treat it. Not 5 days later :( - Like me. I got it when I was out in my yard last Saturday chopping away at branches with out a shirt on. Anyway- it spread like a wild fire on me. Pretty graphic so i wont post pics. So- I of course googled and went to twitter. I tried Calamine Lotion, Oatmeal Bath, Ice Cubes, and some Ivy Lotion. All great options and I am sure they knock it out right away if you Treat it right away. But if you dont and wait like me- you might experience what I have for the last 6 days. Extreme pain, No sleep and wanting to itch your entire body.

If you have had it for longer than 5 days, I hate to tell you but you are going to be in some pain for the next 10 days. :(


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