Friday, June 14, 2013

12 Weeks to London

First let me explain my 2 races im training for. 1) Aquathon World Championship (1500m Swim/10k Run) - I qualified for this at Aquathon National Championships last year in Seattle  2) Sprint Triathlon World Championship (750m Swim/20k Bike/5k Run) - I qualified for this at Sprint National Championships last year in Vermont

The Aquathon falls on a Wednesday and the Triathlon is 48hrs later on the Friday.Oh, both races are at Hyde Park- London, England. So my training and preparation is crucial and it is imperative to get my muscles ready for that type of turnaround in these next 12 weeks.

Training began to intensify the last couple weeks. I raced our local track series 2 Tuesdays ago (2 days after our training camp that destroyed our muscles-see post below). I didnt know what to expect, I just wanted to push my body in the 1600,800,400, and 200. I got there 10min before the mile started so that was unfortunate. I ran the mile horribly and thought about dropping out after the 3rd lap but finished at 5.06 (last week I went 4.59). I told myself, that pushing my body when its tired is a good thing (sometimes). So, I finished with the 400 @ .58/59secs , the 800 @ 2.20min, and the 200 @ .25/.26secs. Then decided to pull a friend in the 5000 for 2200m at 6.25pace. So all and all, a great workout occurred and when I left the track I felt spent. Then this Tuesday, due to weather, i took my mile repeat workouts to the Treadmill. 2x1mile and I went 4.53, 4.55. While its on a treadmill, which makes it easier, I still was pumped with the workout.

I got back with my swimming group the last 2 weeks and plan on riding with them for the next 12(I swim with the masters team here who are blazing- Sub 11min for a 1000yds.. Thats fast!) Anyway- I was a little nervous to see how much swim fitness I lost. After a couple of 100m repeats,  I realized I didnt lose that much and after one more week I should be back in good form. Swimming is going to be crucial come race week. 

I have full confidence with the coaching team that I have surrounded my self with. A great runner in Chris Lamperski, the fast swim time I mentioned above is from my swim Coach Bill Davis, and a great strength Coach in Chris Shore who is a Certified Crossfit Coach. My chiropractor Dr. Greenapple is the best in the business. This is huge, to have a good core of people surrounding you wanting to help you acheive your goals.

This journey will be fun!

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  1. Just found your blog via twitter. How cool to do not one but two races in London and in one of their beautiful parks. I was lucky enough to run a Superheros Charity Race in June at Regents Park in London! Have fun and good luck with the your training and at the races. Look forward to recaps on your blog!