Friday, January 18, 2013


Good morning,

As I sit here with coffee in my hand (and loving life I might add) I realize that I have embarked on an amazing journey. I am close to 2 weeks into a 36 week training plan I have created for my self; With it ending at the Sprint World Championships In London England later on this year. While I do have a ton of races before then that will prep me for the Champs, I know all my eggs will be in that basket- to focus strictly on the month of September.

I also would like to open this up to discussion via twitter (@TriTheShore) or on here about your training plan. Does your coach or you give you 5 weeks of training block, 10, 12? Is there a rhyme and reason for it. A build block, speed block, high volume block, high interval block, stuff like that. It excites me to here how other people function and try to succeed because in the end we all are trying to succeed. Whether its finish a 5k, a triathlon, an Ironman, win your age group, win the race, lose weight- whatever it is- you have a training plan/guideline hoping it is the right formula for YOU.

I think its funny when people ask me how many yards I swim or how many miles do I bike in a week. I also feel bad, because people compare there training to others when it comes to volume. Just because one person is doing more volume does not mean they are going to be faster or training better than you. The right formula for YOU is what matters. So when I get asked that question- I tell them as much I as need- to know Im benefiting from it, and as little as I need- to know I don't get injured or waste my time on "Pointless" training hours. As Much + As Little=Correct .... Too Much+Too Little=Pointless .. See its a formula :)

Alright- lets chat it up guys.

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