Friday, February 1, 2013


Top of the morning to ya!

Straight to the point- When I am filled with joy I sing! Fortunately, I sing all the time which then means I am filled with Joy All the time. People at work, people I train with, family and friends unfortunately have to hear my horrible vocal skills often. I was singing in Hot Yoga class this week even. Talk about a time NOT to do that.

Anyway- I love to take in Sunrises. Especially on my daily dog walk over the farm right next to me.

I look at a Sunrise as something so Beautiful, while short in time, happens often in our lives. So if you miss one, you will get another chance to soak it in. If you get to soak it in, well- be thankful that at that very moment- that feeling of excitement, happiness, bliss, gratitude, whatever it is for you gets to come back to you as soon as 24 hours (the next sunrise). Random- I know- but man I sure do love Sunrises!!!

One pic below, is from my brother out on the water while on duty. Another is of my dog "soaking in the sunrise too" :) . The others are just from my phone.

refrigerator water filters

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