Friday, February 8, 2013


Good Morning!

Another week of training in the bank. Another injury free and healthy week as well- therefore- I am one happy dude. Of course a "bend in the road" occurred and for this week and the next I am basically the CFO/Controller of a pretty darn big company due to one person abruptly leaving. Me, 24yrs old, has interviewed people for jobs and now am doing some major accounting work, and of course overtime hours.

But this is why I preach the single life so much. I can still train all the hours i need. Get all the sleep I need. Enjoy life to the fullest. Have no one else making me stress (thats a little much i know :) and for another blog post.....)

When adults told me in High School, wait til you get in college- it gets harder- then when they told me in College- wait until you get into the real world- it gets harder. Then- wait until you own a home- it gets harder. A real job- harder. This type of race- Harder. Well- after experiencing all of the above-I don't think there is nothing Hard about it. You have to have the right attitude to attack different tasks each day but it is definitely possible to enjoy and embrace the obstacles or debris thrown your way.

Living in my house for 6months and taking care of a yard and all the upkeep has been challenging but Man-O-Man it is one awesome challenge. So much fun.

So anyway- Adults encourage kids that Life is not all that bad please. Also, please ignore your Na-Sayers. Just because they can't find the right balance does not mean you can.

Train On! Stay Fit! Get Fit! Love Life!


Below is the yard that I TRY and keep up.... Learning the ropes each and every day I guess..

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  1. Congrats on keeping up with yard work, taking on more responsibility at work, and on top of training! Maybe I need to consider getting up at 4:30 am everyday.