Friday, February 22, 2013


Hello my friends!

So, I have got some pretty awesome feedback about the 30min workout I gave you all to try a couple weeks back. Including one from a lady name Laura who came to me this morning at the gym saying how hard the workout was. I was ecstatic to know she tried it.

I have another one for you. Today- in Charlotte- its cold and rainy so a 30min Treadmill workout sounds really good. :)

5min Warm up

2x (4x .25mi) at your 5k pace. The 1st round- your recovery is as follows: 1st one- recovery is 1min, 2nd-.45secs, 3rd-30secs,4th-15secs.  Go immediately into the 2nd round. Recovery is the same. However, change your speed to .2 faster (keep it that pace for all 4)

Remaining time is your cool down time.

Note- jog very easy on your recovery. But when it gets to the 15secs only- just hop off and let the treadmill run- then jump back on to start #5.

Have fun! and let me know how it goes.


1 comment:

  1. Thanx for this!

    I loathe, LOATHE the treadmill. I run thru -20 weather to avoid it.

    BUT I have been putting in the odd 30 min workout on treadmill at the Y for a 2nd run of the day. So is nice to have a workout to mix it up!