Friday, November 30, 2012


My senior year in College, a friend and mentor gave me great advice. He told me you can train everyday for a training block and not take a day off-That some are capable of this and others benefit with those days off. I, benefit without days off. I have been coached by 2 different Tri coaches and they never really got to know me and how my body works. I, however, know my body best so coaching myself seems the best route. And it has been. I have seen an amazing improvement once my coach and I split ways. I am also, currently on a 30 straight day training block without a day off and feel strong and fit. This works only if you can separate your really easy days and your really hard days. Now, this doesn't mean you can go train for 2 months straight just because. As mentioned before, it differs for each person. Oh, and that mentor moved to Australia and flirted w/ breaking into the sub 15min 5k mark on training 150days straight and now is moving back to my city- Cant wait to pick his brain again! Make sure your coach truly knows your body and what benefits you the best. Im all about coaching yourself :) Have a good Friday!

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