Friday, November 16, 2012


Its very normal for me to have some down times in a day where I just am not happy. However, I try and quickly turn it around by thinking of all the stuff that I should be thankful for. We dont realize how much we have until we lose it. I have met someone who lost hearing in their teen years, someone who has lost a leg in their twenties, I have seen the blind, the poor, the depressed, the sick, the lost, pretty much everything right before my eyes and I dont think i am going out of a limb when I say you have seen these too. So when I think of this, I realize how selfish I am to waste my breath on my little problems. So when it comes to shopping/working out/eating out during the holidays, dont let the little things get you all worked up or stressed or depressed. Lets rock these next 2 months and show people how awesome life can be and be an ambassador of the Fit family!!


  1. Thanks for sharing this Greg. I always heard that if you have more "gratitude" than "attitude" you will truly look at life differently and appreciate all of the beauty we possess inside and what we can share with others. Life is too precious to squander over frivolous matters. Don't sweat the small stuff!

  2. Preach it Greg! Even when life does get the better of you, take heart and remind yourself of your blessings. You may not realize that your "setback" is about to become God's "setup" for something even greater in life!
    The holidays are the perfect time to just be filled with joy, and share that love with others!