Tuesday, September 25, 2012


First off, I am really diving into this whole Blogging Era and love reading other blogs. That being said, please tweet me your blog so I can follow you (@tritheshore).
Second, I just want to go over some quick tips for you when it comes to eating and when to eat.
1) Big Breakfast, medium lunch, small dinner
2) veggies and fruit are great snacks
3) a friend made me replace trail mix (nuts and salty almonds) w/ dry healthy cereal - its cheaper and better for you
4) I love to put cinnamon and honey when marinating my chicken. Very simple way of getting extra nutrients in a meal
5) Have One "cheat" day a week where you deviate from your nutrition plan. Mine is Friday and I like to get Pizza and Ice Cream for dinner :)

Quick Training Update:
Raced a local Tri part of SetupEvents TrySports Tri Series last weekend as a prep for my last "A" race in 2 weeks. It went quite well being that i had a high volume training week and had my "Cheat" eating day the day before. I came in 2nd Overall and ran down 2 of my training mates come off the bike to clinch 2nd. Quite fun really! Keep at it peeps. Remember, tweet me your blog so I can read them. I love seeing what you all say.

Live Life,

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