Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I dont normally post or single out one workout, but I am super pumped with what just went down in the pool.

This was my workout today (Solo- no one else)

5 x 1,000yds w/ 1min Rest break after each

1) With Pull Bouy
2) Freestyle no toys
3) With Pull Bouy - faster than #1 time
4) Freestyle no toys - faster than #2 time
5) Pull Bouy and Paddles - Faster than #4

1) 14.43min
2) 14.27min
3) 14.32min
4) 14.18min
5) 14.08min

This is not a speed workout. Its more of a mental (100 laps) workout along with building my endurance while at a comfortable pace.

300yds into the 4th one I was ready to call it quits. My feet were cramping, my mouth was dry, I was starving, and I was getting tired. However, the voice inside my head told me to keep going along with Jen who always tells me no excuses-kept creeping in my head.

5,000yds total in 1 hr 18min (including the rest).


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