Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Howdy friends!

     This month went extremely well and also went by fast. I took off from swimming entirely this month and focused on biking/running/strength. Part of a successful training plan is one with NO STRESS emotionally. For January, I wanted to test the waters on what I can do physically week after week without effecting my family and work. I definitely found my answer and I am thrilled!

     In a nut shell, this month I biked 4x a week, ran 3x a week, 2 strength sessions. During the week, a wake up call at 4.30am so I can ride until 6/6.30am, help get the kids ready for school and then head off to work. Then, I run at lunch from 12pm-1pm. I did this only 3x in January but that will pick up later in the year.  I even have Sundays off with the exception of a 15min Strength session I do out of our home gym. This day off is crucial for me. Physical Stress causes injuries as well and that is not good. Proper recovery is imperative. 

     By 5pm when work ends, its family time! So yes, I found my perfect recipe of a training plan.
For February, I will focus on making each session a little longer but still keep intensity down. I want to toe the line healthy, prepared and fit. 

A key bike session I did:

1 hour workout done at 6am on my computrainer (for those who dont know what that is, I can put my race bike on the trainer and then it talks to my computer creating a course that I ride - its fascinating really). 

10min Warmup
3min @ 205w - 3.26w/kg
3min @ 230w - 3.66w/kg
3min @ 255w - 4.07w/kg
9min @ 130w - 2.04w/kg

5min Cooldown

3.35w/kg is the goal for the race so I am very happy to accomplish this workout in January knowing I definitely did not dig super deep for this one.

A key run session I did:

4k Race. I like hopping in run races in the middle of training. Not too often though or else that could be another way to injure yourself. I went in with a goal of 3.40 per 1k. Ended up racing a 3.39 per k pace with my last one the fastest. Its so important to go in these races with a mindset of what you realistically think you are capable of.

So my 4k race was not fast at all to my PR 5k, but I am more thrilled about it because, it felt easy, controlled, and fun.

So January is done. Now I will add swimming to my training in February. Lets do this!!!

4 Week Total:
Run - 62miles , 7 hrs 45min
Bike - 263miles, 13 hrs, 10min
Strength - 2 hrs 16min

Shout out to my Wife for being amazingly awesome.

Here is a 1min GoPro Clip I put together of training.

The elevation map of one of my bike workouts

4k Race

Gabriel's Baptism Day!

I get to run on this trail during lunch

Family walk during lunch break

What is all that white stuff out there??

Belmont Abbey's Adoration Chapel - Early College Shopping

Bonk Breaker

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