Thursday, July 26, 2012

Aquathon Nationals (Seattle, WA)

Being Single and really wanting to make the most of it - I decided earlier this year that I wanted to travel and compete against the best in endurance sports. So, I signed up for Rev3 Knoxville in TN, Lake Oconee Tri in GA, Aquathon Nationals in WA, and Sprint Nationals in VT. This blog is about Aqua Nats.
The flight went smooth on Wednesday other than it was a total of 9 hours. Woke up Thursday to find out the Host family that was keeping me for a week lives in one of the most beautiful places in the US. I went out for a run and went to the trail they recommended. Umm, ya.. This trail is 30miles long then goes along a river. So while running on this trail in 58 degree weather w/ no clouds in the sky in July i couldnt help but stop and take pictures. I also wanted to keep running but realized my race is in 2 days and that wouldnt be smart so an ez 5miler will do. Then, relaxed/read/ate/ and ran a 4miler in the PM. Watched a movie on my Ipad and went to bed.
Friday- pretty simple - a 30min run in the AM w/ 10 strides. Went back to bed- I think the whole flight across the nation took 1 day to really hit me which means Im glad I flew in 2 days prior to the race. I went to a town called Woodinville where I had coffee, blogged, and walked around for 2 hours. Then, got ready for the Olympics!
Race Day
Simple really- Nationals is no joke and I got my Ass handed to me in the swim. On the east coast i have yet to do a triathlon where I didnt finish the swim in the front pack. Not the case here. It was a freezing swim, 2 laps, where you exit the water on the first, run on the beach then enter again. The leading pack was not getting any closer. I also feel like i just didnt have a good swim as well which was not the time for that. Then came the 4 lap run course (10k) which each lap I negative split and picked off a total of 15 guys on the run. Still, not fast enough. While those fast swimmers gained time on me in the water they still ran good enough for me not to catch them. So, a 16th Overall and a 3rd AG is what was in store for me that day. Cant complain, I love National Competition and these shorter races gives you no room for mistakes and a mediocre day. I did qualify for Worlds - I thought you needed top 10 overall but instead- I just needed top 10 in my AG which is pretty easy.
After the race, My host family took me to the Index Mountains which is part of the Cascade mountains. Words can not explain this natural beauty so pics below will. Absolutely amazing!
On Sunday, my last day of the trip- I decided to go on that 30mile trail again. I ran from their house to the trail to downtown (8miles), stopped had coffee and a muffin- took more pics and then ran home- 2 hours of running and 1 hour of chillin later - my body said it was enough! I just sat in bed and outside on their porch the rest of the day and watched on my Ipad the Olympics.
In the end- a couple things I took from this trip:
1) Staying with a family I did not know going in was well worth. They were amazing and came to my race and took pics and basically did everything for and w/ me.
2) Seattle, WA is absolutely Beautiful and in the summer - i doubt a state can beat it weather wise.
3) National events are very competitive.
4) I can compete Nationally with the best of them!

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