Thursday, July 26, 2012

First Half of 2012 in a Nut Shell

-Still have my accounting job which I love
-At work, 8 employees work on a Treadmill Desk including myself
-My parents divorce finalized in June :(
-I coach kids on Sunday to prepare them for Triathlons
-Bought a home in early July with a good amount of land where its just me and my dog (a lab/border Collie mix)
-The last time I was sick was January 7th and I have not been injured this year (knock on wood)
-Training & Racing has been amazing so far w/ 8 top 5 finishes including a 2nd Overall at Lake Oconee Olympic Distance Triathlon in Georgia. Also, a a 11th overall at Rev3 Knoxville Olympic Distance (not including pros)
-I live/work/train in Matthews, NC
-I found a love for Twitter in January and have been hooked since (@TritheShore)
-I still have a weird obsession of Nicholas Sparks books and have read them all and own them. Dont judge :)
-I race for One2TriRacing Team
-Lululemon asked me to be their first ever Triathlete Ambassador
-I switched churches in January (From Catholic to Non-Denominational)
-I still have coffee every thursday at the local Coffee Shop w/ my best friend who happens to be a retired 65yr old man that was my old neighbor(we have done this for 4 yrs now)
-I am currently writing this blog from Seattle WA where I will be racing Aquathon Nationals this Sunday.
-Lastly- I love learning about people, getting to know them, trying to help them out, give advice and take advice. Friends on Fbook and twitter excite me with their posts b/c thats who they are and to judge them would be foolish.
The LuluLemon Crew
Rev3 Knoxville
My Home's Backyard
My Treadmill Desk at Work
2nd Overall Finish at Lake Oconee O-Dist

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  1. The treadmill desk is really awesome. I've heard about them but never actually seen one. We've got two labs and our male is a purebred registered yellow but our female is a lab/border collie mix that turned out solid yellow. Congrats on your new house and a second overall finish! That's impressive.