Monday, October 21, 2013


Lets be honest.. Some of you are "Die Hard"sport fans.. When your Football team loses on Sunday along with your fantasy team, and the team you really dislike Wins, Monday is a not-so good day for you.. Same goes with Baseball, Soccer, hockey etc.


You run a race or do a workout that makes you second guess your training or your coach and You say to your self "How did I run a marathon at THAT pace and cant do THAT pace for a 10k" or "How can I run a 5k IF in my last workout I had to walk after mile 1?"

Have no Fear, All is NOT Lost...

So, for me- I realize that Life moves on (Of course). But, what that really means is, Hello... You get a second chance. And a third. And a fourth. And a fitth.. How awesome is that?
When I woke up this morning, I was super pumped.. Why? Because I was drinking out of a super awesome Coffee Mug my brother just picked up from Costa Rica on his honey moon. Yep, that's why I was pumped. Not b/c I biked 70miles yesterday or had 2 great run workouts on Saturday or that my swim this morning was awesome. NO, it was my coffee mug, my jeep top down, watching the Sun Rise heading to work that made me Ecstatic.

Point is people, When people say "Don't sweat the small stuff" find out what is YOUR small stuff in your life and don't sweat it. Life is awesome, so much exciting stuff is right before your eyes everyday.

Love you guys and keep taking advantage of all those chances we get in life... God is good...


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  1. hi, greg! i'm elizabeth and i work at lululemon southpark. november is our ambassador challenge and we are trying to figure out how to connect with you! unlike yoga instructors, we can't just drop into your class. a few of us did a short run with caitlin last week and it was rumored you might be there too, but no luck! how would you feel about some of us dragging you to a yoga class or a barre class or something? let me know!