Monday, December 9, 2013


Hello my friends!!!

Yes, the off season is coming to a close. To me, its really where hard training begins. The taper weeks of races are like off weeks for me. My goal this off season was to enter 2014 feeling more fit, stronger, faster than I did going into last season.

After 8 weeks (2 more to go) of consistent training-Literally, my training log is ridiculously boring and monotonous-But, it is exactly what needed to be done to improve. And oh has it worked!!! Simply put - 35miles running, 15,000yds swimming, and 80miles biking every week for 10 straight weeks (of course there are workouts and all within those but you get the concept :)

My body is starting to feel it, but mentally it is even harder to maintain this consistency with no change and to include it along with my 40 hour work week. But honestly- I wouldn't change it for the world. These last 8 weeks have made me such a stronger person and I know I will have to dig deep to finish these last 2 weeks.

The best part- is how much fun I am having..... Every Saturday I ride with my buds- winter riding=not fast but just long cold miles.. Also, Rock climbing, going out on the town of Charlotte, just having fun..

Balance in Life = No Stress = Happiness

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  1. What's your daily workout breakdown? How many miles of each per day?

  2. Bakery: Desserts.... post workout nirvana

  3. Vance- Im assuming your asking about running. Most of my runs are 6 mile runs with one long run on the weekend. 2 Runs have a workout in the middle.

    JMar- Fa sho!