Sunday, December 15, 2013


I figured My Pics and descriptions will explain my Saturday.. I love this Sport so much, And Life is definitely too much fun that's for sure.. Been saying it for all my life I feel like..

5am Wake UP just so I can read and drink coffee before my 50mile Bike ride that awaits in 37deg temps with Rain and wind (felt like sub 30 if you ask me).

Went with a regular brew this morning, in my super awesome mug...

This Coffee shop is one of my favorites in South Charlotte.
Decided to Ride uptown and get a cup of Joe there. What a beautiful day!
Yep, the only cyclist out this morning.. Literally, no one was out and I don't blame them. There was a Running race going on so kudos to those runners who braved through the cold..
My bike (Bumble Bee) wanted to see farmlands and the city. But she definitely was hurting after a Car's side mirror hit me and knocked me down. Look at the left handle bar of Bumble Bee. Its not suppose to look like that :( but all my bones are in tack so Im Happy. The person didn't stop but I don't think they realized they hit me. So no hard feelings if your reading this and you hit me :)
I like to think She has more Character now :)

After biking, i did a 2mi swim workout. Then more hanging out..
Just another look of how nasty it was that day. This is post ride...
Being Silly and High on Life...

Or just being High on Nutella!

Finished it off with a great wine bar... Perfecto day if you ask me!

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