Wednesday, January 8, 2014


AHHH, yes... Life is good. Its actually great, not just mine but yours too.

How do I know that? Well, my New Years Resolution helps me do just that (and Jen is doing it too). I am writing down 1,000 gifts (things I am thankful for) in a journal. But its not a list of "I am thankful for my Mom, or my Dog or my house", its one that is of random stuff. More like an Ugly/Beautiful list. Example: I am thankful for the furballs I have to clean up daily from my Dog's hair (its better than no furballs which would mean Sox would not be in my life- make sense?)

I am already at 57 and I cant believe how much this task puts me in a good mood and helps me realize how much there really is to be thankful for. Plus, Im good with resolutions. Last year, It was to read 30 books (done) and go the entire year without cable (done and loved it so much I will do it this year too).

Ok, that being said- this year- Racing and Training is going to be awesome. I have Hammer Nutrition backing me up for my Nutrition. Skora Runnng Shoes will be making my legs feel fresh all year and going to battle with me every race, and Tri Bike Transport will be sending my bike to my races in the best and efficient way possible. Thank you guys for your support and belief in me. Cant wait to represent you all!

6 big Triathlons for me this year, but a total of 15 tri's/running races are on tap. With the help of I will be able to travel up and down the East Coast and the Mid East to race.

For all those out there who have a resolution this year of getting in shape or finishing a race, I have some SMALL advice for you:

Start off slow, Its a long year. Set small goals and reward yourself when they are reached. Once done with your goal, start a new one because your health is important throughout your entire life- not just for 2014.. Love you all!



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