Sunday, April 27, 2014



I love pics. Simple as that. I feel like they tell so much more and are far more exciting than paragraphs. So below are pics from my last 3 weeks. Life has been good. 
I did lose a Coach and Mentor back home who was too young to die, but I have come across many of those situations in my life already and I'm just 26. I have learned that crying and always thinking of them is actually a Great thing. Why not keep those memories.. Don't ever let someone tell you otherwise. 

Swim: Swimming is going great!!! Just feel like a fish in the water (I'm not by any-means - rather slow compared to a fish) 

Bike: Last week I biked 200 miles.. That was awesome. Feeling fit but definitely need to get faster.

Run: Ran a 5k on my birthday in which I won. It was local and thought why not give money to our small town. Come to find out, no one showed up and I won. I ran 2 miles fast then slowed on the 3rd mile. That makes 3 races this year: A Triathlon (1st Overall), A Trail 5k Race (2nd overall), 5k Road Race (1st Overall)

I hope the streak continues. Time to do some multisport racing!

Strep Throat Excitement!!!
Sometimes, looking back isn't such a bad thing.
My 3 azalea bushes are blooming !
Time for a Workout w/ my Pace crew
Not too thrilled for the cold temp waters
First meal with fresh food from our garden!
I thought this was a cool photo of my front porch.
It's Spring Time! My backyard is coming around (Proud Owner)
I do this alot before a workout. Make a Latte and hang out side... I always try and slow down life.

She is my Good luck charm. Not just with Racing. With Life....

Front Yard- Yes- yard work is my hobby!

Everyone wanting to ride 53 miles with me on my Birthday- Pretty cool! ;)


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