Sunday, May 18, 2014


     Yes! The time has come for a day off. My 2nd day off from training in 2014. And its a great one!. I got to sleep in, drink lots of coffee on the front porch with Jen and make a great breaky. Then watched a movie all before 10am (I didnt really sleep in, but i did wake up without an alarm).

     Anyway, so my races. 5k, duathlon (5k run, 20kbike, 3k run), Sprint Triathlon (350m ocean swim, 1.5mi run, 14mi bike, 1.5mi run, 350m ocean swim), and an Olympic Triathlon (1500m swim, 27mi bike, 10k run) - All done in 4 weeks. Results - 1st, 3rd, 6th, 3rd. And a tri earlier in the year is my 5th one. That was a 1st overall.

Yesterday's race recap was a doozy!

     I woke up at 3.45am. The weather was 41 degrees. I did my pre race prep and headed out the door. The drive was over an hour to race cite. I arrived to sign up for the race (waited too long to pre-register)  and was NOT FEELING IT! It was freezing. I was physically tired. I called Jen and told her Im coming home. Its too cold. She then gave me a pep talk which changed my mind along with me seeing Jimmie Johnson (the NASCAR driver) out there doing the race. I refuse to let a NASCAR driver be tougher than me. ;)

So I signed up and got my transitions ready. 

Swim - Felt great. The lake temps felt good compared to the air temps and the lake calmness was refreshing after last week's ocean swim. One guy went crazy in the water and was gone from the gun. Come to find out, he went to the Olympic Trials for the 1500m swim. He killed me. But I was 2nd so that was awesome!

Bike - Freezing! Way too cold the first 5miles but I figured everyone else had to endure the pain. I got in a rythym and limmited the damage on what is my weakest leg of a triathlon. I had the 13th fastest bike which is not good but not bad. 

Run - I felt slow. Flat out. Slow. Come to find out, I end up having the 2nd fastest Run time of the day as well which was great. A couple athletes got lost on the course as did I, and some really paid the price. It was confusing thats for sure. At the end of the day, I am very happy I raced instead of driving home and taking a 2 hr ride at 5am for no reason :)

Thats it in a nutshell. Morale of the last 4 weeks:

There will be times when you doubt yoruself; Times when you dont want to do something even though you know after it you will feel amazing, but at the moment it just doesnt seem worth it. 

Split deicisons in our life could be the key to our future whether its take a job in a different state, send that email to your boss, say those 3 words to a girl, go back to bed or get your workout in. For all these decisions, asking help from God is probably not a bad thing ;)

Alright, here are some pics of the last 2 weeks. :)


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