Tuesday, June 3, 2014


    My simple viewpoint to all this madness going on out there with Cross-fit Haters/Bashers and Cross-fitters defending themselves IS THIS:

    If you are exercising and improving your health and want to preach it to the world then do it. Your happy and want everyone to know it. Let the ones complaining "de-friend or unfollow" you.

    Runners, Cyclists, Swimmers, Gym lifters, Cross-fitters, Jumping Jackers, Rowers, Tree Climbers, and any other Fit fanatic out there- its your choice on what route to go down but as long as you choose a healthy one instead of the Couch potato your flippin awesome and your trying!! Thats what matters.

    Please my friends, its not the end of the world if someone posts on social media about their workout. I'm pretty sure there are much more stuff going on in the world that is worse than that.

    And yes, Im a Triathlete. But my brother is a Crossfit Coach while serving our country and I respect what he does day in and day out. A little respect goes along way.

Peace- time to go bike and run ;)


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