Monday, March 9, 2015


Another month down.

"I may be weak, but your spirit's strong in me. My flesh may fail, but my God, you never will"

For Lent, Jen and I are listening only to Christian music. Which means, taylor swift, Nick Jonas, and country are going to have to wait 40 days. While the kids questioned this at first, we all have been so uplifted lately with the music. Plus, I spend a lot of hours training and listening to music so I am definitely testing myself but it has been great!!!

February was fantastic. It finally "snowed" here. Jen and I went to ski, got engaged, and went to VA Beach to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday all in the same month.

Work is ,well ,work. I love my job.

Triathlete update - I am very blessed to have sponsors cover the cost of travel when it comes to races along with other expenses that have been great. That being said, It is my duty and obligation to represent them the best way I can. Win races! And of course spread the word about their products.

So, I have really used that as motivation. IF they back me, then I have to make them feel like it is a good investment. Those days where it is 30 degrees, windy, and rainy and I have to go run 10 miles I think of them. I think of how much I love this sport. How lucky I am to get to do this. How Great God is. So much positive stuff to think before I start, that when I start- I am amped!

You have to find motivation in whatever you do. What keeps you motivated?

My hours of training increased in February. Starting to get ready for my April and May races. South beach and Knoxville TN are what are on tap currently for travel. Some big races with great competition.

My training buddy was asked - What technology do you use on the bike - His answer "Nothing. I just dig deep" .

Sometimes in life, we just have to dig deep to get the job done.

Swimming and Cold weather destroy my finger tips :(

Peaks and Valleys = Interval Training

My Brother doing his thing!

One Great Dog!

Pretty big month for Jen and I

Night time reading

Skechers GoMeb!

Trying to be artistic

This coffeehouse knows us way too well. My buddy looks a little cold

Hitting the Slopes with Jen

Not sure what he is looking at.

Waiting for the Garmin to find location

Bonk Breaker

Filters Fast

TriBike Transport

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