Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Kure Beach Race and May/April Update

Going into the Kure Beach tri, I have raced an 8k, 10k, Olympic Triathlon, Olympic Triathlon, and 2x 10mile Time Trial at Charlotte Motor Speedway. This is all in a 45 day span. One would think that I would be tired, but right now- I feel extremely fit.
I changed my bike position recently which helped big time. I went from 23.28min for 10mi on the bike to 23.12. That excites me :)

Jen and I just walked around Kure Beach and love it here. We will be back soon with Madison and Grayson. Our 3.30hr Jeep Ride was awesome. Why? Because she never sleeps while I drive (Best Shotgun Rider) and we were singing and dancing the whole time. Very fun. Bed Time now.

Saturday 4:13pm
We woke up at 7am, walked to the only breakfast place in the one light town, then walked the pier where a fishing tournament was going on. It was great to watch on a beautiful morning with coffee in our hands.
After that, we hung out on the beach for a while to soak up the sun.
Then, a nice easy 3mile run for both  Jen and I.
I am ready to race!

Sunday 9:00pm
    Race went well. Jen and I rode our bikes from our place to the race site (2.5miles) at 5.45am which is pretty fun to do on a Sunday morning. I got transitions read and was ready to race.
    I came out of the water first, then after transition #1 I was in the lead and then gave up the lead 5min into the run. Out of T2 I was 10secs behind the leader. I was overtaken by 3rd place right before the 1st lap of the bike course. Knowing this guy was a better biker than me, I really turned myself inside out to keep him in front of me instead of watching him go away and me losing 2nd place . I did just that, I held on to him and we then left T3 together. After 2min of running together, he attacked and gaped me, I knew I had a faster swim then him in the beginning so I was trying to lmit my damages going into the swim. After T4, He had 30seconds on me. When then had to run 400m on the beach, put on our cap and googles again and jump in the very rough waters of the ocean. After the 1st buoy, I knew i was catching him but not sure how much time i was gaining, but then I reaized i was catching him quick and made the pass with about 200m left. I than swam for my life to secure 2nd. An undertoe swallwed me up as i rode a massive wave in, when I finally got to my feet, I looked back to see if I can see him but I could see him, but I could not. 2nd it was! Come to find out, 1st place beat me by 49secs and all that was because of the bike.

I told Jen,  If I finish top 3- I am going surfing. And that I did (tried). We also said on the way up as we drove past a field of purple flowers on the highway that we would stop and take pics, and that we did.
I hope I have learned from this race. For some, they can race really good but not train that good. For others, they can train really good and not race that good (me). This race, I finally raced. Someone passed me and i turned it up a gear to pass him. 

On to the next race. 

Shout out to Tribike Transport, Filters Fast (best way to get filters at a low cost),  Bonk Breaker (what fuels me everyday and through races), Skechers (great light weight shoe and comfy)

Alot of fishermen out there

When you see this on the side of the road, how can you not stop!

Packed Jeep - USA!

Sweet Jetti

Ready to bike.


Bonk Breaker

TriBike Transport
Filters Fast

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