Thursday, August 16, 2012

Key Moments!

    As I am sitting on my cousins porch literally looking over their 80 acreage property and seeing mountains, Im reflecting on the 2012 season and how it all boils down to this Sunday. Im thinking of workouts that I put in the "bank" and how I need to cash them this weekend. Before I go into those workouts- let me just say that I believe Key Moments are apart of everyones life. Whether its the events that led to your significant other, or the events that led to a death, a bike crash, an injury, a job, anything really. And most of the time, we never go deep enough to think of the key moments or even have a clue what the key moments are. Thats exciting in some way. But here are my 3 workouts that come to mind for what hopefully will be a successful race on Sunday:
       1) Every Wednesday I have been doing a ride w/ our local Triathlon Store (TrySports) and its a Tri-bike ride only. We get 5-10 people who absolutely kill it for 30miles. We normally avg. 23-24mph for the entire ride and thats with some easy spinning in the beginning. These workouts help me realize that I can put some serious power out of my legs
       2) I did a 24x400 track workout on the 4th of July. All by my self. The goal was to get to 30 repeats all under 1.20 but when I do one over 1.20 - I call it quits so if the first one was 1.21 then it becomes an ez run rather than a workout. However, I avg. 1.18 for all 24 (the 24th one i went 1.21) and had a .45 sec rest after each including a 100 ez jog. Being that this was all by myself and no music- this really pumped me up. I look back and think this workout really helped me for the run section on Sunday (a 5k- short but Fast!).

The Track where the pain begins!

     3) My real good friend and Running Mentor went up to the mountains on A Saturday and rode 3.5 hours of just brutal climbing avg. a whopping 14mph and then later that day ran 1.5 hours in the mountains as well. This is where the strength comes in. I feel like Sunday, I have the strength needed to put me in a good position to compete. See Cheezy video we made of our mountain training below :)

Our mountain training Camp.

Here is where I get deep- Whatever you do in life or goal you have, give yourself some time to reflect on the positives that helped you get to where you are. You put in the work, so cash it in when necessary. I also know, come Sunday- if I do not have a "good" race, all is not lost. The journey is what its all about and I know I will have many more opportunities. Just like you in whatever you are trying to accomplish.
All Endings are Also Beginnings, We just might not know it at the time!

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