Friday, August 3, 2012

The Stuff I Notice in the Every Day Life

- I love seeing a storm come from the West during Sunset. The view from my home lets me see it miles out

- In the morning, I have to walk my dog to this Farm Land near me - b/c when the Sun rises over it - I feel closest to the ones I love in Heaven.

- No matter the grudge you have towards someone, if you become the better person and begin a positive conversation all is MOSTLY lost.

- I love to wake up super early for workouts so I have extra time to relax afterwards before I go to work. Some like to sleep in and rush in the morning. Both are good I suppose :)
- Paying it forward is so worth it. Even if its a $2 coffee at the coffee shop.

- Separating Work/Training/Relaxing is a hard thing to do but a necessity and when I do this, I am at a good High.

- I will end it with this- on how I look at Life - and hope you attack your day w/ a purpose as well. 99.9% will not have the same outlook on life as mine but this is mine. I think of Life as an enemy- I go against it every day,hour, minute, second. If it beats me one minute, I try and comeback and beat it the next. Same with the hours. But very rarely do I let it beat me in the entire day- meaning me going to bed extremely angry or really stressed out. How can it beat me in a minute you ask - Picking up my Kitchen table after an hour drive to find out it is broken in the box- getting ready to go ride but realizing I have a flat tire- Parents getting divorced - needing to see an eye doctor, the dentist, an annual check up, the dog annual checkup but all of course are only open from 8-5.- everytime I go to ride outside it seems to rain. Getting home from my PM workout and not doing anything other than relaxing and yet I needed to do anything BUT not doing anything (hope that makes sense). Leaving my lights on in my car and waking up to a dead battery All of this is little stuff that Life tries to bring me down.
     However, in a quick turn of events - i try and think positives or think of the next solution since the problem has already occured. Why moan about it when its in the past. Also, I always think of my immediate friends/family who have lost so many loved ones and have gone through cancer that I quickly realize I am selfish to let my little issues get to me. If you think this is a lunatic way of thinking- I cant disagree w/ you b/c sometimes I ask myself if I am thinking OK :). However, it has worked for me in the past.
 So- there it is- Dont let "Life" bring you down! Happy Friday....


  1. I didn't know you could go so deep. Word!

  2. Great post! Hope you have a good weekend!