Monday, August 20, 2012

Pics Instead or Words

1) I qualified for my second World team in 3 weeks.
2) There is no better competiton than a USAT national championship
3) I will race better next year, and not be that guy who is really fast just on training days
4) Mountpelier VT Is breathtaking
5) Thank you Wendy (my cousin) and Peter(her husband) for an unbelieveable time and letting me stay on "Paradise Farms" with you.
6) Below are picturess of their property (where I stayed for 5 days), and pictures of my Sprint National Championship weekend.

A celebratory beer after the race
Walking w/ my cousins puppy on their 80 acre land
The view I woke up to for 5 days with coffee
Confirming My World's Slot
Race Morning
The running trails in Vermont
Fog sneaking in..
I loved looking at the Mountain Layers..
Who gets to go for hikes on their own property?? They do...
Swim Start..
First time shooting a gun..

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