Friday, October 26, 2012


It was not until my senior year of college that I tried coffee and got addicted to it. Of course I was mad b/c it could have come in handy the 3 years prior with school and our Cross Country Races & Early practices. However, Im glad I discovered a taste when I did b/c now, during triathlon training I believe it helps me before a workout. Of course I asked the tweeps last Friday "Do you drink coffee before a workout (gym,swim,run,bike)?" and below is what they said:

"Its a must! At least one cup regardless before running, racing, training.. all of it!" - @anjiwithaJ

"When I run out of pre-workout powder I wolud resort to coffee. 2 cups 30 minutes before" -@M_A_Y_Forever

"Drinking coffee right now! Workout in 2 hours, and one after! Love it!" - @RyanCaswell

"I only drink coffee about once a week(it's not my thing), and never before a workout" - @runbangrun

"I drink coffee after a workout, never before. Race day I have 1/2 cup as soon as I wake up to get things moving but no more" - @triathlonmami

"Im going on a 10miler right now and I've had 2 cups already!" - @runfarprosper

"Yes! Brewing some espresso right now! Would have thought crazy before, but have to have before races too!" - @parkcityrob

"I almost always drink one coffee w/ cream before a morning run/bike/swim to clear the fog" -@smroberts97

"I am in for a good 2-3 cups. Lots of benefits of caffiene and racing" - @KimBramblett

"I've never had a cup of coffee. Crazy?!?" - @K17SPORT - and yes, thats crazy!

For me, I drink coffee before my weekend workouts which are normally long and less intensity. During the week, I have it afterwards. But out of the 3, it affects me the least with Swimming and the most with biking (once you break the seal on a bike ride your in trouble)
Anywho, thought this would help any of those who questioned whether or not a cup of coffee was bad for you before a workout. Personally, i think its good and it looks like others would agree :) .Happy Friday!

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  1. Sippin a cup of joe right now as I read your blog...a couple hours after my workout!