Monday, October 29, 2012


         This will be sort of short but hopefully it hits home with you too. I just moved into my new home 3 months ago away from the city and away from the "young" crowd. Which is not out of the ordinary for me b/c I have been called an "Old Sole" multiple times. Any-who, since my parents divorce finalized this year I have kind of shut out most in my life including God. Luckily, the house has been keeping my mind off of the personal problems so it has not been that bad. Here is where I hope you can relate. Have you ever felt like God put someone in your life for a reason. Most are going to revert back to their significant other, but for m.- Its a 70yr old lady who is the owner of a 100 acre farm on my street (My street name is named after her and her husbands).
         I met her b/c my dog got loose and ferociously  ran at her. I thought "OH Sh*t" but sure enough she just laughed as my 70lbs lab charged at her. Sox ended up loving her. So as we are talking I am immediately realizing this lady knows alot more about life than I do and trying to take it all in.  As I am leaving, she randomly asked me if I am religious. I said, "I went to a Catholic school from 5yrs old to Senior year of college", some how she realized I still didnt answer the question. So, she told me to come to their church(not Catholic) on Sunday (this church is 5 houses down from my house- everything is walking distance where i live).
        That was it, just an invite to go to church. I went home, and thought about it and realized this was a sign from God. (I didnt want to be the guy in the saying "a man is drowning in the water- another man comes w/ a boat and says get in- the drowning man says No, God will save me- then 2 other men come at different times to help only to here the same answer. Once the man drowns, he asks God- why didnt you save me and God says "I tried saving you 3 times!") . Ya, i dont want to be that drowning man. So I went to church and was welcomed by all since they of course knew I was the new guy. This is definitely a step in the right direction I believe and I owe to my Farm neighbor who happend to invite me over for Thanksgiving b/c once again i think she sensed something and saw that I would be celebrating the holiday w/o family. The point of all this gibberish :) is that there are people or there will be someone in our/your lives that have changed us for the better. Send them a thank you note or tell them in person for helping you out or saving you. Happy Monday!

 Mr and Mrs. Smith's Farm (aka My Dog's Playground)


  1. I've felt this way several times Greg and sometimes it's someone I meet in passing that seems to have been put there at exactly the time I needed them. It sounds like you and Sox have found a good friend!