Friday, October 19, 2012


Once again. Twitter answered! My question last Friday was :
What shoe is your favorite? (The one u go to evrytime when its time for a new shoe)-I said how I love the Asics DS Trainers. Other peoples favorites are below.

Nike Pegasus
Brooks Adrenaline (by far the favorite)
Brooks Glycerin
New Balance MT10s
New Balance MT110s
Asics DS Trainer
Asics 2160
Newton Gravitys
Hoka One Ones
Scott Mks

Being a college cross country runner and working at a running shoe store during college, this topic is one of my favorites. Things to know about shoes:

The grey area on the inside sole of a shoe is the stability portion. No grey area means the shoe is a neutral shoe. People who need neutral shoes are the ones that dont pronate. Pronate is basically when your knee is not in a straight line with your achilles at the center of impact. A little grey area is for people who pronate but suits the lighter or midfoot runners. A shoe with the inner sole filled mostly with grey is for people who pronate pretty bad (almost beau-legged) or has a bigger frame. The Brooks Adrenaline is a great example of this type of shoe. Below are pictures of a neutral shoe and a mild stability shoe (see the grey part)

Asics and Brooks has gel in their sole to absorb impact. Saucony has all foam making it the softest , really good for knee issues, but also last the shortest (normally 350-400miles only)

Those are just a couple of tips for you when you go shoe shopping next time.

Shout out to the tweeps who shared their thoughts on twitter:


Enjoy your Workout!


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