Saturday, August 31, 2013


Pics of my week...

Saturday - Getting discharge information

Sunday - Quiz: Sox either A) was sad that I was hurt B) protecting me from anyone that came to see me C) Sad that he was not getting his long walk on Sunday......

Sunday- Rehab began.. Strength Training

Monday and Wednesday - Carolina Sports Clinic went to work on my ankle/foot

Friday- Sox was a very happy Dog to go on his long walk/play day w/ his friend one day early

Saturday - Trysports- had my new bike shipped/put together/ and fitted all with in one week so I can ride it a couple of times before I go race in 10 days overseas. You rock!

So- I always think that people never get enough credit when they tell you "I will be praying for you", "I hope you have a speedy recovery" , "We will be thinking about you", "Get well soon cards"

Well- this stuff really works people! Im serious. There is no way I could have done all this in one week without your prayers and words of encouragement. Exciting stuff.. I hope your 3 day weekend started off good today.. If it didnt, well your in luck- you still have 2 more days-those who aren't in retail :(


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